Essay on Resilience: Why it important & how to develop it? (1400+ words)

Essay on Resilience

The word resilience is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions, illness, or setbacks. The meaning of this word has become more important in today’s society. We are constantly reminded of how hard it is to get through an average day, let alone a rough patch in life. According to the National … Read more

Essay on Goals in Life

Essay on Goals in Life

Everyone has some sort of goal they’re working towards. Whether it’s a career goal, weight loss goal, or saving money goal, goals are important for personal motivation and success. Goals can also help someone reach their full potential in life. However, the effectiveness of goals varies. The essay will explore why setting goals in life … Read more

Essay on Gratitude (it brings happiness in life)

Essay on Gratitude

Essay on Gratitude Gratitude is an essential virtue, and it makes people happier. Yet what does gratitude mean? What does it look like? In this essay, I will explore the power of gratitude and how you can cultivate it in your life. 1) What is gratitude? Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful. … Read more

Essay on Knowledge is Power (900 words

Essay on Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. The saying may seem cliché, but it’s true at its core. Having access to knowledge can be a game-changing experience for anyone. Knowledge can empower us to make better decisions and improve our lives over time. In this essay, you will learn about knowledge. Essay on Knowledge is Power Knowledge can be … Read more

Essay on online education (Pros & Cons)

Essay on online education

Essay on online education: Online education has exploded in popularity, with over 20 million students taking at least one online course. Since its inception, many have questioned whether or not online learning is the future of education. While proponents claim that online learning is more efficient, affordable, and convenient than traditional classrooms, skeptics point out … Read more

Essay on Leadership: What Makes A Leader?

essay on leadership

The world needs leaders with moral integrity who are committed to the greater good. Leadership is about setting a vision, supporting others in achieving it, and holding individuals accountable for their commitments. It takes courage to lead by example. This essay revolves around leaders and leadership skills. What is Leadership? Leadership is the process of … Read more