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20 Idioms in English with Meaning

Idioms are phrases that mean something different from the actual words that make up the phrase. For example, “the cat’s out of the bag” means that you no longer have any secrets or surprises to keep.

Learning idioms is not just about knowing what they mean; it’s also about understanding how they’re used and hearing them in context. Idioms can be difficult to learn because their meanings often differ from what you would expect when reading them out loud. For example, if someone says “it’s raining cats and dogs,” it means that it’s raining very heavily — not that cats and dogs are falling from the sky!

Idioms in English with Meaning

Idioms are not usually used in formal writing. Instead, they are used in everyday speech and are of interest to language learners studying English as a foreign language. We have 20 idioms for you with their meaning.

1Angels on a pinA situation so unlikely as to be impossible; is an example of hyperbole or exaggeration.
2All’s well that ends wellEverything will turn out well in the end; no matter what happens, it’s good if it ends well.
3At first blushThis means that something looks good on the surface but may not be exactly what it seems.
4A face like thunderIt is used to describe someone is angry or upset about something.
5Letting someone off the hookLetting them escape punishment for something they have done wrong.
6Take the bull by the hornsIt means facing a difficult situation instead of trying to avoid or ignore it.
7There’s more than meets the eyeIt means that something seems simple but has hidden complexities that aren’t immediately apparent at first glance!
8To cast pearls before swineTo waste something valuable on someone who does not appreciate it.
9To cut one’s lossesTo stop doing something that is not profitable or successful and move on to something else
10To put the cart before the horseTo do things in the wrong order or in the wrong way; to do something the wrong way.
11In the nick of timeThis idiom means “at the right moment” or “just in time.
12It’s all Greek to meThis idiom means “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”
13Under your breathThis idiom means “in a low voice,” not loud enough for others to hear.
14An elephant never forgetsThis idiom means that people have long memories and will not easily forget what has happened to them in the past.
15A leopard doesn’t change its spotsThis idiom means that people have a particular character or personality which does not change over time or with experience.
16As old as the hillsThis idiom is used to describe something very old and has been around for a long time.
17To take the bull by the hornsThis idiom means to deal with a problem directly and without fear.
18To keep one’s head above waterThis idiom means to manage financially and to have enough money to live.
19To be up in arms about somethingThis idiom means to be very angry about something or to feel strongly about it.
20To throw one’s hat into the ringThis idiom means someone wants their name added as a candidate for an election, job position etc., especially if there is only one vacancy and many possible candidates.
20 Idioms in English with Meaning
20 Idioms in English with MeaningPin
20 Idioms in English with Meaning

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