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Adverb of Place (List, Examples & Worksheet)

Adverb of Place

An adverb of place tells us where something is happening. It can answer the questions “Where?” or “Whereabouts?” Common adverbs of place include here, there, everywhere, and nowhere.

What is Adverb of Place?

An adverb of place is a word that tells you where something is. Usually, adverb of place comes after the verb or the object.

Adverb of place can be of following types:

  • Directions such as east, west, north, south, left, right
  • Distance such as near, nearby, far, far away, ahead
  • Movement/Position such as indoors, outside, abroad, away, over
  • Unspecified such as anywhere, nowhere, somewhere,

For example, you might say “I’m here” to let someone know that you’re in the room. The word “here” denotes an adverb of place.

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Adverb of Place List

  1. about
  2. above
  3. across
  4. ahead
  5. abroad
  6. anywhere
  7. elsewhere
  8. everywhere
  9. away
  10. back
  11. backwards
  12. behind
  13. below
  14. down
  15. downhill
  16. up
  17. downstairs
  18. east
  19. west
  20. north
  21. south
  22. far
  23. near
  24. nearby
  25. here
  26. indoors
  27. outdoor
  28. inside
  29. left
  30. right
  31. over
  32. there
  33. towards
  34. under
  35. upstairs
  36. where

Adverb of Place Examples

  1. I am sitting behind you.
  2. He works behind the screens.
  3. There is something you should know before making your decision.
  4. Are you there? I need help with this problem.
  5. I am really down about my grade in this class.
  6. She was out of the country on vacation.
  7. He came near to park to spend some time.
  8. She has travelled abroad many times.
  9. He was born abroad and has dual citizenship.
  10. The company is expanding its operations abroad.
  11. I always feel so cooped up when I have to stay indoors.
  12. I need to get outside more.
  13. Staying indoors all the time is really bad for your health.
  14. I’m so happy that it’s finally warm enough to go outside.
  15. Being indoors all day can really make you feel down. The fresh air will do me good.
  16. I went downstairs to get a snack.
  17. I heard footsteps coming downstairs.
  18. I saw a mouse run downstairs.
  19. The cat chased the mouse downstairs.
  20. I went back upstairs after getting my snack.
  21. Can you please bring the laundry downstairs?
  22. I went upstairs to get a book.
  23. It’s upstairs in the closet.
  24. He’s upstairs in his room.
  25. I think someone is walking around up there.
  26. When facing north, east is to your left and west is to your right.
  27. The wind comes from the east.
  28. Away she went, leaving me behind.
  29. I watched her walk away, her figure growing smaller and smaller in the distance.
  30. Away he flew, never to be seen again.
  31. The ship sailed away, leaving me on the shore.
  32. I spotted a deer nearby in the forest.
  33. I heard a strange noise nearby and woke up.
  34. She lives near my house.
  35. The restaurant is near the bank.
  36. He was shot near his home.
  37. I spotted a deer nearby in the forest.
  38. I’m going to have to ask you to leave, please don’t come back.
  39. I’m up for a night of fun.
  40. It’s time to wake up and start your day.
  41. Far away, I could see the lights of the city.
  42. The ship sailed far from shore.
  43. Please leave your bags anywhere.
  44. We can eat lunch anywhere.
  45. I don’t care where we sit.
  46. We moved towards each other until we were inches apart.
  47. He moved towards me and smiled.
  48. I can’t find my phone where I left it.
  49. Please show me where the bathroom is.
  50. I’m not sure where we should meet up.
  51. He ran under the fence.
  52. The cat crawled under the bed.
  53. She danced inside gracefully.
  54. I could feel the happiness emanating from inside him.
  55. The room was spinning round and round and I felt sick to my stomach from being inside it for so long.
  56. What do you think is going on around here?
  57. I’m here to help you.
  58. Are you here for the party?
  59. I moved my chair backward to get a better view of the stage.
  60. He took a step backward, away from the snake.
  61. She ran backward, away from bear.
  62. I like to sit outside on the porch and read a book.
  63. It’s nice to be outside in the sun.
  64. I don’t think we’re supposed to smoke cigarettes outside.
  65. We went for a walk outside and then had dinner at the park nearby.

Adverb of Place Worksheet

  1. He likes to play basketball outside with his friends.
  2. She stepped backward after seeing the snake.
  3. She’s from a small town in Maine, where everyone knows each other.
  4. I slept under the stars.
  5. He’s been here for hours.
  6. The journey was far too long.
  7. I’ll put the book away anywhere.
  8. I can hear footsteps upstairs.
  9. Can you hear that noise there?
  10. The ship was near the coast when it sunk.
  11. I’m going to study abroad next year.
  12. The little girl is hiding behind the door.
Adverb of Place WorksheetPin
Adverb of Place Worksheet


  1. outside
  2. backward
  3. where
  4. under
  5. here
  6. far
  7. anywhere
  8. upstairs
  9. there
  10. near
  11. abroad
  12. behind

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  1. I came across a quiz on

    Which sentence does not contain an adverb?
    Jenna walked gracefully.
    Jenna walked awkwardly.
    Jenna walked underwater.
    Jenna walked suspiciously.
    They all contain adverbs.”

    I chose the last one.
    But the prompt came as invalid!

    Isn’t “underwater” an adverb of place, since an action takes place there?!

    Thank you.

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