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Sentences with Dour (73 Examples)

73 Example Sentences with Dour

  1. I think it’s dour outside today.
  2. That word sounds very dour.
  3. The sun cast a dour glow over the forest as we drove by.
  4. The conversation was as dour as the weather.
  5. She was dressed in a dour grey suit and black shirt, and she wore little makeup to match her outfit.
  6. The dour man stared at the sky.
  7. “I know you’re in there Martin Martin” shouted Johnny in a dour voice.
  8. It was a dour and rainy morning when we started out on our trip.
  9. Maria could not stop thinking about the dour inspector.
  10. “I don’t want to think about it,” David replied in a dour voice.
  11. The teacher’s tone was dour.
  12. Her mood had taken a turn for the dour.
  13. Without makeup, she looked positively dour.
  14. Daniel had a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye, he was clearly in a chipper, not a dour, mood.
  15. A dour cloud hung over the banquet.
  16. Rain fell, a dour and depressing drizzle.
  17. The sky was leaden and dour, soft grey with occasional sharp dark streaks like soft black hail
  18. The dim light in the room served only to make the scene more dour.
  19. He is dour on the subject of his failing marriage.
  20. She was dour with grief at the loss of her children.
  21. I was more dour than she on the subject of his failing business.
  22. Jack was a dour man so he rarely smiled, but he got the best results.
  23. He tried to keep a dour expression on his face as he entered the room.
  24. My boss looked at me dourly when I asked for the morning off.
  25. I don’t think it’s an appropriate topic for this network,” she said in a dour voice.
  26. As they leave, she’s still in a dour mood.
  27. I went to the cinema and Matilda wasn’t dour.
  28. Matilda was very dour but we didn’t mind.
  29. Matilda’s mum was dour and we thought she could be happier.
  30. Matilda doesn’t like her new bedroom and is very dour about it.
  31. Matilda wasn’t vexed about the party, she was just dour about the whole thing.
  32. He was dour but he had a good sense of humor.
  33. I’m not sure, she’s been rather dour lately.
  34. It was a very short and dour meeting.
  35. Overall people were in a pretty good and cheerful mood, despite the dour weather.
  36. He gave me a very dour look.
  37. A dour man passed us and I looked away.
  38. My friend is particularly dour and mean.
  39. The rain poured and the sun seemed to be dour.
  40. My mood was dour on Monday.
  41. Brian is the most dour person I’ve ever met.
  42. She is dour in the morning.
  43. The crowd sat in dour silence as the verdict was read out.
  44. He was unable to get over his dour mood.
  45. Her dour attitude did not fit in with the other team members.
  46. Three quarters of the residents said they were in a dour mood after the storm.
  47. The material looks to be made out of recycled plastic, but it has a very dour outlook to it
  48. She looked dour as she answered questions for the media.
  49. A teacher gave out a long and dour list of spelling errors.
  50. Her voice sounded so dour and boring.
  51. Dour and unhelpful is how she comes across in these situations.
  52. Her face was very dour.
  53. The rain looked extremely dour but didn’t actually fall.
  54. Julie felt dour about the whole party.
  55. He looked at the sky in his dour manner.
  56. I do not think he is lacking in intelligence, but he certainly has a dour look on his face all the time!
  57. He made her feel happy, if she had been feeling down or dour before.
  58. Edward looked dour at the thought of a new school.
  59. The group was in a dour mood after losing the match.
  60. Nadine gave a dour reply to the question.
  61. I have been feeling very dour all day.
  62. Adele displayed a dour expression when she heard the news.
  63. It was a dour morning and the city was covered in a thick fog.
  64. The look on his face was dour and he did not say much.
  65. He operated with a dour determination and never allowed anything to divert him from his goals.
  66. I don’t know what is going on, but she seems a bit dour about it.
  67. I think you are working too hard, go for a walk and clear your head, you look dour.
  68. “May the dour put an end to third party candidates,” he muttered under his breath.
  69. The dour man gazes out the rain-streaked window.
  70. As the dour man made his way to the top of the hill, he saw a dog standing on its hind legs, barking at him furiously.
  71. The dour man took no notice of them and continued crossing the street.
  72. The dour expression on the teacher’s face showed that he was not impressed with George’s behavior.
  73. Harry looked at the house and exchanged a dour look with Ron.
Sentences with Dour (73 Examples)Pin
Sentences with Dour (73 Examples)

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