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Conjunctive Adverb (Examples, Thamo, List & Worksheets)

A conjunctive adverb is a word that connects two independent clauses or complete thoughts. Conjunctive adverbs often show how two clauses are related. For example, therefore, accordingly, meanwhile, however, besides and certainly.

In addition to connecting clauses, conjunctive adverbs can also be used to connect words, phrases, or even entire paragraphs. By using conjunctive adverbs effectively, you can create a more cohesive and well-written piece of writing.

What is a conjunctive adverb?

A conjunctive adverb is a short phrase, phrase, or even a single word which can be used in place of a conjunction. It is added to the end of an independent clause to link it to another independent clause. The link can be either causal (to show cause and effect) or it can show some other relationship between the two clauses.


The sales director has been successfully contacting customers; however, the customer service team has been less successful in their communication.

In above example word “however” is a conjunctive adverb.

The meaning of these conjunctions changes according to their appearance in a sentence. Therefore, it is essential for the learner of English to learn how to use them correctly.

Conjunctive Adverb Examples

  1. Jeffery slept through most of his classes this semester; therefore, he is going to have a lot of catching up to do.
  2. You will be responsible for replying to the emails; also, you must be able to take directions from your superiors.
  3. To make sure that no documents are missing; again, check the files in any case.
  4. The company maintains all kinds of ledgers; besides, a lot of paperwork is already stored in electronic databases.
  5. It is worth repeating that the information must be complete; moreover, it is essential to remember that capitalizing titles is necessary in official documents, academic writings, and personal messages.
  6. He is rich; however, he chooses to live a modest life.
  7. She is very nice; however, she has a short temper.
  8. I like going for walks besides watching TV.
  9. I will come to meet you; additionally, I’ll be attending the conference.
  10. Your duty is to serve the dinner; additionally, you are responsible for washing the dishes after dinner.
  11. She didn’t study for the test; contrarily, she got a good grade.
  12. I have lived in the same home my entire life; almost, I kept most of the rooms the same, but I also changed some things to make it my own.
  13. As they tidied up, they talked about their day; meanwhile, Laura vacuumed the living room.
  14. The guitarist was strumming a soft tune; meanwhile, I drank my tea.
  15. This campaign will result in higher sales and profits; moreover, it is expanding its product line to include new flavors.
  16. He was sick; thus, he couldn’t come to work.
  17. The first house has the cheapest price tag; moreover, it is located far from the nearest town.
  18. The second house has a higher price; additionally, it is located close to the nearest playground and mall.
  19. The final place is beautiful; further, it has a stunning view of the mountains.
  20. Thank you for your time; henceforth, I will only be working on Thursdays.
  21. He’s not here just as we expected.
  22. Please share this book with him, and let’s help this guy achieve his goal; otherwise, thanks for reading!
  23. I have a degree in English; additionally, I have many years of experience.
  24. It was a very long flight; indeed, it was a tiring journey.
  25. The party was not interesting; in fact, it was quite boring.

Conjunctive Adverb Thamo

THAMO stands for therefore, however, also, meanwhile & otherwise.

TThereforeI could not sleep; therefore, I am sick.
HHoweverI am very fond of cakes; however, my father likes biscuits better.
AAlsoAs soon as we arrived at the store, we went straight to the electronics section; also, we bought a large screen TV.
MMeanwhileWe do not have time to wait for results; meanwhile, the project is due in two weeks!
OOtherwiseThe company needs to hire more customer service representatives; otherwise, it may have difficulty meeting customer demand.
Conjunctive Adverb THAMO

Conjunctive Adverb Infographic

Conjunctive Adverb ThamoPin
Conjunctive Adverb Thamo

Conjunctive Adverb List

  1. Accordingly
  2. Additionally
  3. Again
  4. Almost
  5. Also
  6. Anyway
  7. As a result
  8. Besides
  9. Certainly
  10. Comparatively
  11. Consequently
  12. Contrarily
  13. Conversely
  14. Elsewhere
  15. Equally
  16. Eventually
  17. Finally
  18. Further
  19. Furthermore
  20. Hence
  21. Henceforth
  22. However
  23. In addition
  24. In comparison
  25. In contrast
  26. In fact
  27. Incidentally
  28. Indeed
  29. Instead
  30. Just as
  31. Likewise
  32. Meanwhile
  33. Moreover
  34. Nevertheless
  35. Next
  36. Nonetheless
  37. Notably
  38. Now
  39. On the other hand
  40. Otherwise
  41. Rather
  42. Similarly
  43. Still
  44. Subsequently
  45. That is
  46. Then
  47. Thereafter
  48. Therefore
  49. Thus
  50. Undoubtedly
  51. Uniquely

Conjunctive Adverb Worksheet with Answers

  1. The storm caused a great amount of damage; however, it brought in some much-needed rain.
  2. The project’s success depends on data gathered from various sources; again, the information collected must be high quality.
  3. She didn’t like it, just as I thought she wouldn’t.
  4. Let’s go to the pizza parlor; anyway, you can always eat a salad tomorrow.
  5. You are strong enough to lift that; however, you might hurt yourself in the process of attempting to do so.
  6. I was very tired; thus, I went to bed early.
  7. I am going to bed now; hence, I will see you in the morning.
  8. The party was scheduled to start at 7 p.m.; accordingly, most people had arrived by that time.
  9. She was wearing a new dress; consequently, she received many compliments.
  10. We were running late; therefore, we had to hurry.
Conjunctive Adverb WorksheetPin
Conjunctive Adverb Worksheet


  1. however
  2. again
  3. just as
  4. anyway
  5. however
  6. thus
  7. hence
  8. accordingly
  9. consequently
  10. therefore

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