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Sentences with Where (50 Examples)

Where is used as an adverb, meaning “at which place”. However, it can also be used as a conjunction or pronoun. Here are 50 example sentences with where.

Sentences with Where

  1. The match takes place where the opposition’s goalkeeper is standing.
  2. It’s where we feed the baby at night.
  3. He deserves the credit for this discovery, and he arrived at it where others had failed before him
  4. They live in a house where we used to live when we were children
  5. The people in the village came there to eat and drink where they could enjoy themselves in peace and quiet all day long.
  6. She stood where I was supposed to go.
  7. He will be in Hawaii where his vacation starts in a few hours.
  8. I found that information in the book where they were talking about the explorers life.
  9. They had a big meeting with most of their clients where they interviewed for a new marketing manager.
  10. I cannot start this book where I left off.
  11. This restaurant will be reopened in the location where it was originally founded.
  12. You get to use them where you want.
  13. You shouldn’t let the dog get in where it shouldn’t.
  14. I wanted to know where you were.
  15. I don’t like the sound where the footsteps are coming from.
  16. The children used to play where the swings are now.
  17. This is the place where I like to go for coffee.
  18. This is the place where he met his wife
  19. We need to go there where they are having the sale.
  20. The garage where I work is located in a pretty suburb.
  21. If you want my opinion, it’s where my heart is.
  22. The protagonist didn’t know where they were headed.
  23. I would like to find out who put it where it is now.
  24. I looked where I had left it and it wasn’t there anymore.
  25. The boat sank where the river got shallow.
  26. The dog made a mess where he had been eating his food.
  27. I swear where you’re going to party tonight is the bomb!
  28. Where she lives, there aren’t many jobs available for workers like her.
  29. Where are you from?
  30. Where is the nearest station?
  31. Where can I park?
  32. Where should I go for dinner?
  33. Where are you staying?
  34. Where do you want to go?
  35. Where should I put my umbrella?
  36. Where were the phones made?
  37. Where is your hometown?
  38. Where are your grandparents from?
  39. Where have you traveled before?
  40. Where will you stay in Maine?
  41. Where will you find accommodation this summer?
  42. Where would you like to go on vacation?
  43. Where would you really like to visit this year?
  44. Where can I buy tuna?
  45. Where is my bookbag?
  46. Where do I go on Fridays?
  47. Where is my dog carriage?
  48. Where is your car? It’s parked outside the library.
  49. Where is his house? He lives near the beach.
  50. Where are the new cars being sold?
  51. Where can I buy some new t-shirts, please?
Sentences with Where (50 Examples)Pin
Sentences with Where (50 Examples)

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