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List of 150+ Collective Nouns for Animals and Birds

A collective noun indicates a group of people, animals, birds, things and places, etc. The list of collective nouns is endless but we are restricting our list to the extent of animals and birds.

Collective Nouns for Animals and Birds

There are several collective noun words that are used for animals and birds like colony, troop, army, flock, and herd.

List of Collective Nouns for Animals

  1. An ambush of tigers
  2. An army of frogs
  3. An array of hedgehogs
  4. A band of gorillas
  5. A barrel of monkeys
  6. A bask of crocodiles
  7. A bevy of deer
  8. A bloat of hippos
  9. A business of ferrets
  10. A caravan of camels
  11. A cartload of monkeys
  12. A cartload of chimpanzees
  13. A clan of hyenas
  14. A chine of polecats
  15. A clowder of cats
  16. A cluster of cats
  17. A clutter of cats
  18. A congregation of crocodiles
  19. A congress of baboons
  20. A corps of giraffes
  21. A court of kangaroos
  22. A dout of cats
  23. A down of hares
  24. A dray of squirrels
  25. A drove of bullocks
  26. A drove of cattle
  27. A drove of donkeys
  28. A drove of oxen
  29. Earth of foxes
  30. A fleet of foxes
  31. A fesnying of ferrets
  32. A flange of baboons
  33. A flock of cows
  34. A flock of crocodiles
  35. A flock of goats
  36. A fall of lambs
  37. A fold of sheep
  38. A gaze of raccoons
  39. A harass of horses
  40. A herd of antelope
  41. A herd of asses
  42. A herd of cattle
  43. A herd of deer
  44. A herd of buffaloes
  45. A herd of cattle
  46. A herd of donkeys
  47. A herd of elephants
  48. A herd of elks
  49. A herd of ponies
  50. A horde of gerbils
  51. A husk of rabbits
  52. A kindle of kittens
  53. A kennel of dogs
  54. A kine of cattle
  55. A lead of foxes
  56. A leap of leopards
  57. A leash of deer
  58. A litter of cubs
  59. A litter of puppies
  60. A litter of whelps
  61. A mob of kangaroos
  62. A mob meerkats
  63. A nest of rabbits
  64. A pack of bears
  65. A pack of wolves
  66. A pack of hounds
  67. A pack of stoats
  68. A pack of mongooses
  69. A pride of lions
  70. A rake of colts
  71. A skulk of foxes
  72. A string of ponies
  73. A streak of tigers
  74. A stud of mares
  75. A team of oxen
  76. A train of camels
  77. A tribe of goats
  78. A troop of monkeys

List of Collective Nouns for Birds

  1. An aerie of eagles
  2. An aerie of hawks
  3. Ascension of larks
  4. A bevy of larks
  5. A bevy of doves
  6. A bevy of quails
  7. A bevy of swans
  8. A boil of hawks
  9. A brood of chickens
  10. A brood of grouse
  11. A brood of turkeys
  12. A bunch of pigeons
  13. A clamor of rooks
  14. A clutter of starlings
  15. A company of parrots
  16. A colony of gulls
  17. A colony of penguins
  18. A colony of vultures
  19. A congregation of birds
  20. A covey of partridges
  21. A cover of coots
  22. A charm of finches
  23. A charm of goldfinches
  24. A charm of hummingbirds
  25. A chatter of budgerigars
  26. A dissimulation of birds
  27. A dole doves
  28. An exaltation of larks
  29. A flight of birds
  30. A flight of pigeons
  31. A flight of cormorants
  32. A gulp of cormorants
  33. A flight of swallows
  34. A fling of oxbirds
  35. A flock of birds
  36. A flock of chickens
  37. A flock of geese
  38. A flock of ducks
  39. A flock of parrots
  40. A flock of seagulls
  41. A fling of dunlins
  42. A descent of woodpeckers
  43. A gaggle of geese
  44. A gang of elks
  45. A herd of geese
  46. A kettle of vultures
  47. A host of sparrows
  48. A hover of crows
  49. A leash of hawks
  50. A loft of pigeons
  51. A match of nightingales
  52. A murmuration of starlings
  53. A murder of crows
  54. A muster of storks
  55. A nye of pheasants
  56. A pack of gulls
  57. A pack of grouse
  58. A parliament of owls
  59. A plump of waterfowl
  60. A pitying of doves
  61. A pride of peacocks
  62. A quarrel of sparrows
  63. A rafter of turkeys
  64. A rookery of penguins
  65. A siege cranes
  66. A sedge of cranes
  67. A siege of herons
  68. A sord of mallards
  69. A stand of flamingo
  70. A string of ducks
  71. A tiding of magpies
  72. A team of ducks
  73. A tribe of sparrows
  74. A trembling of finches
  75. A paddling of ducks
  76. A watch of nightingales
  77. A volery of birds

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