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Collective Nouns Sentences (50 Examples)

Collective Nouns Sentences


A collective noun is a term used to represent a group of things, people, animals, or places. For example, a team of players, a herd of deer, etc.

Collective Nouns Sentences

These are 50 examples of collective nouns.

  1. An archipelago is called a chain of islands.
  2. A bunch of flowers is lying on the table.
  3. Our baseball team includes five players who are over six feet tall.
  4. He comes from a noble family.
  5. A flock of birds was flying in the sky.
  6. Everyone in the audience applauded Goerge at the end of the speech.
  7. Tom bought a new pair of shoes.
  8. A savage tribe lives near the forest.
  9. A band of musicians was performing in the hall.
  10. A troupe of dancers participated in a private function last night.
  11. A gang of four robbed the rich man in broad daylight.
  12. Do you have a pack of cards?
  13. A swarm of bees attacked the child.
  14. A team of 11 players was traveling to the stadium.
  15. A crowd gathered in the chowk.
  16. He saw a litter of cubs in the forest.
  17. That white pearl string is very costly.
  18. The staff organized a farewell party in honor of their retired colleague.
  19. He decided to get rid of a heap of old registers.
  20. Tom bought a set of dinner spoons.
  21. Bob decided to join the army after graduation.
  22. There is a bunch of keys in the drawer.
  23. He bought a ream of papers for his office use.
  24. There are ten apples in the basket.
  25. James owns a fleet of 20 boats.
  26. A stack of wood was lying in the storeroom of his house.
  27. Julia was teaching a class of twenty students.
  28. The galaxy of stars looks beautiful during dark nights.
  29. Sarah has a large collection of books.
  30. A group of engineers is busy designing a bridge.
  31. The herd of cattle was grazing in the field.
  32. There is a block of flats near the market.
  33. He has an amazing collection of various coins.
  34. A pack of thieves broke into the house.
  35. The board of directors meeting ended without a decision.
  36. The police were unable to control the mob.
  37. When she entered the forest, she found the air moist and cool.
  38. This residential colony was founded twenty years ago.
  39. A swarm of rats attacked the cornfield.
  40. A group of gangsters robbed the bank.
  41. I saw a flight of doves near the river bank.
  42. An army of ants was climbing the tree.
  43. He is very active in his circle of friends.
  44. Is there any shoal of bass at the farm?
  45. I need a packet of papers.
  46. You need loads of money to buy that house.
  47. The farmer planted a hill of beans this year.
  48. The beach was full of a bevy of bathing beauties.
  49. A peloton of bicyclists is ready for the race.
  50. The accountant was surrounded by a stack of bills.
Collective Nouns Sentences | Collective Nouns ExamplesPin
Collective Nouns Sentences | Collective Nouns Examples

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