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Adverbs Starting with b (List & Example Sentences)

Adverbs Starting with b

Example Sentences

Sr.AdverbExample Sentences
1backstageBefore going on stage, the performer can grab some ready-to-eat snacks backstage.
2backward The lights were so bright that they blinded us backward and made us think we were dreaming.
3bacterially Effects of penicillin are bacterially sensitive.
4balmily The weather was please and wind was blowing balmily.
5ballisticallyI had to leave ballistically after the class was over.
6barefacedly They are lying to their customers barefacedly by not warning them about the poisonous side effects of the product.
7badlyShe was badly hurt in the accident.
8barelyHe barely worked as many hours as his co-worker to finish the project.
9bashfullyThe woman was bashfully displaying her collection.
10beautifullyYou are wearing your clothes beautifully.
11becomingly My daughter will look becomingly on a date when she wears her pretty new dress.
12becomingly My outfit was becomingly simple. The girl mainly wore casual layers with an interesting pattern over them.
13before I really would like to do it before going home.
14belatedlyShe paid for the service belatedly.
15belatedlybelatedly realized that attaining tenure was harder than I thought.
16believingly She resigned, believingly thinking she would have no problems finding another job.
17believingly The chief engineer hoped that we would believingly implement the newest technology.
18beneficially By the end of the year, she had beneficially affected the students in her class.
19bewilderedly They could not understand his bewilderedly expressed instructions.
20benevolentlyThey benevolently supported the community better than they were supposed to.
21better He felt better after receiving treatment.
22Better Better results can be achieved beyond limiting beliefs.
23bewilderingly It will be bewilderingly difficult to escape the clutches of group-think on this topic.
24bilaterallyThey are bilaterally symmetrical.
25biannually We meet biannually to brainstorm ideas for new product improvements.
26biomimicryThe organizational structure is biomimicry.
Adverbs Starting with ‘b’


  1. Babyishly
  2. Backstage           
  3. Backward
  4. Backwards
  5. Bacterially          
  6. Bactericidally  
  7. Badly    
  8. Bafflingly
  9. Balmily
  10. Bangingly
  11. Barbarously
  12. Barefacedly
  13. Barely
  14. Barometrically
  15. Bashfully
  16. Basically
  17. Beautifully         
  18. Bechance
  19. Becomingly
  20. Bedazzlingly
  21. Beefily
  22. Before 
  23. Beggingly
  24. Begrudgingly
  25. Behaviorally
  26. Behovely
  27. Belatedly
  28. Believingly
  29. Belikely
  30. Bellicosely
  31. Belligerently
  32. Belligerently
  33. Bemusedly
  34. Beneath
  35. Beneficially
  36. Benignly
  37. Beseechingly
  38. Better
  39. Bewilderedly
  40. Bewitchingly
  41. Beyond
  42. Biallelically
  43. Biannually
  44. Bibulously
  45. Bidirectionally
  46. Bigamously
  47. Bihourly
  48. Bilaterally
  49. Billowingly
  50. Bimodally
  51. Bimonthly
  52. Binationally
  53. Bioethically
  54. Bioethically
  55. Biologically
  56. Biotically
  57. Bitonally
  58. Bitterly
  59. Biweekly
  60. Biyearly
  61. Bizarrely
  62. Blackly
  63. Blandly
  64. Blatantly
  65. Bleakly 
  66. Blessedly
  67. Blindly  
  68. Bloodcurdlingly
  69. Bloodily
  70. Bluntly
  71. Boastfully           
  72. Bodily
  73. Bogglingly
  74. Boldly
  75. Boorishly
  76. Boorishly
  77. Boringly
  78. Boundlessly
  79. Bracingly
  80. Brashly
  81. Bravely
  82. Bravingly
  83. Brazenly
  84. Breathlessly
  85. Breezily
  86. Breezily
  87. Briefly
  88. Brightly
  89. Briskly
  90. Brokenly
  91. Bronchially
  92. Brutally
  93. Brutishly
  94. Bulkily
  95. Bullyingly
  96. Bumptiously
  97. Buoyantly
  98. Burdensomely
  99. Burningly
  100. Busily
  101. Bustily
  102. Buxomly
  103. Buzzingly
  104. Byronically
adverbs starting with bPin
adverbs starting with b

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