Collective Nouns for Food and DrinkPin

List of 50+ Collective Nouns for Food and Drink

Collective Nouns for Food, Drink and Vehetables

Here is a list of nouns pertaining to different kinds of food items. Let’s dive into it!

Collective Nouns for Foods

  1. An assortment of nuts
  2. An assortment of yogurt
  3. A basket of fruits
  4. A block of ice
  5. A bed of mussels
  6. A bowl of rice
  7. A bowl of ice cream
  8. A box of candies
  9. A bunch of bananas
  10. A bushel of apples
  11. A bushel of wheat
  12. A cast of bread
  13. A clutch of eggs
  14. A cluster of grapes
  15. A comb of bananas
  16. A cube of ice
  17. A jam of tarts
  18. A jar of oil
  19. A jar of honey
  20. A loaf of bread
  21. A kilo of sugar
  22. A piece of cake
  23. A piece of chocolate
  24. A packet of cheese
  25. A pack of cookies
  26. A plater of salad
  27. A punnet of strawberries
  28. A sheaf of wheat
  29. A slice of bread
  30. A shock of corn
  31. A shoulder of mutton
  32. Pods of peas
  33. A lot of salt

Collective Nouns for Drink

  1. A bottle of water
  2. A can of soda
  3. A carton of milk
  4. A cup of coffee
  5. A glass of water
  6. A jug of milk
  7. A jug of water
  8. A pack of juice

Collective Nouns for Vegetables

  1. A bag of onions
  2. A bushel of green beans
  3. A bushel of potatoes
  4. A bushel of turnip
  5. A bundle of asparagus
  6. A hill of beans
  7. A packet of beans
  8. A pod of peas
  9. A rope of onions
  10. A sheaf of corn
  11. A troop of mushrooms
Collective Nouns for Food and DrinkPin
Collective Nouns for Food and Drink

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