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A list of 60+ Collective Nouns for Things

Collective Nouns for Things

  1. An album of photographs
  2. A batch of cakes
  3. A bottle of milk
  4. A bar of chocolate
  5. A bar of soap
  6. A bale of cotton
  7. A bed of roses
  8. A bouquet of flowers
  9. A box of cereal
  10. A box of jewelry
  11. A box of toys
  12. A bunch of books
  13. A bunch of keys
  14. A can of soda
  15. A chain of islands
  16. A chain of mountains
  17. A chain of volcanoes
  18. A chest of drawers
  19. A clump of reeds
  20. A clump of trees
  21. A clump of turf
  22. A comb of bananas
  23. A drop of rain
  24. A fleet of boats
  25. A fleet of ships
  26. A flight of stairs
  27. A flight of steps
  28. A group of flowers
  29. A group of islands
  30. A group of stars
  31. A hedge of thorns
  32. A hill of beans
  33. A jar of honey
  34. A jug of water
  35. A kilo of meat
  36. A pair of shoes
  37. A pack of lies
  38. A packet of beans
  39. A packet of rice
  40. A packet of butter
  41. A packet of chips
  42. A packet of papers
  43. A piece of chocolate
  44. A piece of cake
  45. A piece of wood
  46. A piece of metal
  47. A pile of books
  48. A pinch of pepper
  49. A pod of peas
  50. A roll of stamps
  51. A range of mountains
  52. A ream of papers
  53. A set of tools
  54. A set of dishes
  55. A sheaf of papers
  56. A sheaf of corn
  57. A stand of trees
  58. A suite of rooms
  59. A suite of products
  60. A tuft of grass
  61. A wad of notes
  62. A wad of money
  63. A wad of paper

Collective Nouns for Things Worksheet

Collective Nouns for Things WorksheetPin
Collective Nouns for Things Worksheet

Collective Nouns for Things with Pictures

Collective Nouns for Things with PicturesPin
Collective Nouns for Things with Pictures

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