Sentences with Countable and Uncountable Nouns (50 Examples)

Sentences with Countable and Uncountable Nouns (50 Examples)

Sentences with countable nouns

Countable nouns are found in singular and plural forms. These are the name of things that we can count.

  1. There were ten chairs in the room.
  2. Tom came across a wonderful idea.
  3. Julia reads one book every month. She is very fond of book reading.
  4. I started a grammar course that has five modules.
  5. The kids were preparing a giant chart for their class.
  6. There were twenty baskets of apples in the orchard.
  7. I have a laptop and some books in my study room.
  8. This school bus has 24 seats.
  9. Bring me a glass of fresh juice.
  10. I bought a gaming laptop from the market yesterday.

Sentences with uncountable nouns

  1. The child did not act upon his mother’s advice.
  2. Do you like butter with bread?
  3. I do not like coffee. I take tea every morning.
  4. Tom showed aggression in the performance of his duties.
  5. He had to explain his position due to his absence from office.
  6. Do you have proof that he is a liar?
  7. “I hate the word failure,” he said.
  8. She has been learning grammar for two weeks.
  9. I completed my task with the assistance of Bob.
  10. I was offered employment in the accounts department.
  11. The people of this town are known for their hospitality.
  12. Can I adjust the table height?
  13. Honey is rich in minerals and vitamins.
  14. The CEO of the company knows the importance of infrastructure improvements.
  15. She could not prove her innocence before Michael.
  16. I had jam and bread in the morning.
  17. Nisha is going to learn karate for her fitness.
  18. The hall rang with their laughter.
  19. Tom is good at management.
  20. The child was reluctant to drink milk.
  21. There was a lot of noise in the classroom.
  22. I spend some time with nature every week.
  23. James prefers poetry over literature.
  24. His childhood was spent in poverty.
  25. Tom’s webinar got a lot of publicity.
  26. He is feeling severe pain in his leg after the accident.
  27. Would you like some juice?
  28. I do not have money to invest.
  29. Coal is used as a fossil fuel.
  30. I don’t have cash in my pocket.
  31. Iron ore is mostly found in rocks.
  32. How do you spend your leisure time?
  33. I only use olive oil.
  34. The wrong punctuation can change the whole meaning of a sentence.
  35. He sat on the beach sand and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
  36. The river was very calm in the morning.
  37. Smoke in the air can cause lung disease.
  38. He was unable to update his mobile software.
  39. He doesn’t like seafood but eats fast food.
  40. The farmer grew a lot of wheat last year.
Sentences with Countable and Uncountable Nouns (50 Examples)
Sentences with Countable and Uncountable Nouns (50 Examples)

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