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Adverbs Starting with M (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with M and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with MExample Sentences
marginally We should be marginally better off by the end of the year.
morally It is morally wrong to smoke.
This kind of advertising is morally questionable.
more Our business has more than doubled this year, and the trend looks to continue.
marginally He was allowed to try out for the team, and his talents were marginally acceptable.
manifestly At no point did any politician manifestly say they would increase taxes despite what we may have heard on the radio last night.
manlyPaint will make the room look manly, and you won’t want to hide it behind heavy curtains or drapes.
monthly The monthly payment is somewhat higher but has lower monthly interest payments.
Monthly household expenses include food, transportation, education, clothing, recreation, and gifts.
ManuallyManually check the entire match, including the final score and substitutions, was reported correctly.
maliciously The board maliciously made the new policy of directors.
manfully A good leader will be decisive and manfully take the blame when things go wrong.
magically The teacher is magically teaching them to read, write, discuss, and count numbers.
malignly The article malignly tarnished the name of our client.
magnetically The restaurant’s menu can magnetically attract customers from all over the city.
magisterially He declared magisterially that the business would succeed.
The CEO walked into the office magisterially, as if he were king of the world. 
mathematically The answers are mathematically correct unless overestimation or underestimation has occurred.
The research revealed that her mathematical skills were mathematically advanced for her age group, and she would stay on track to become a future mathematician.
maturely This show was very maturely written; it had me on the edge of my seat throughout all three seasons.
As a math teacher, I like to think that math is a maturely understood subject; in reality.
The man who answered the phone said his name was William, but the voice sounded maturely like a businessman.
martially The child was martially trained from a young age.
He can pirouette martially and friskily around the ball as he likes, but, in this day and age, his style is not enough to get him past level two.
managerially The new managerially revamped department outdoes the old by a mile.
A company that managerially overworked its employees and forced them to work over the weekends so they could meet their company’s quota.
madly The client was madly in love with the product and ordered a large quantity. We couldn’t believe they agreed to our payment terms.
The children are madly running and playing on a lovely, sunny day in the beautiful playground.
Adverbs Starting with M

List (113 Words)

  1. Macroscopically
  2. Madly
  3. Magically
  4. Magisterially
  5. Magnetically
  6. Magnificently
  7. Mainly
  8. Majestically
  9. Malapropos
  10. Maliciously
  11. Malignly
  12. Manageably
  13. Managerially
  14. Manfully
  15. Maniacally
  16. Manifestly
  17. Manly
  18. Manually
  19. Marginally
  20. Markedly
  21. Martially
  22. Marvelously
  23. Massively
  24. Masterfully
  25. Materially
  26. Maternally
  27. Mathematically
  28. Matronly
  29. Maturely
  30. Maximally
  31. Maybe
  32. Meagerly
  33. Meanderingly
  34. Meaningfully
  35. Meanly   
  36. Meantime
  37. Meanwhile
  38. Measurably
  39. Mechanically
  40. Mechanistically
  41. Medially
  42. Medically
  43. Medicinally
  44. Meditatively
  45. Meekly
  46. Mellowly
  47. Melodically
  48. Memorably
  49. Menacingly
  50. Menially
  51. Mentally
  52. Mercifully
  53. Mercilessly
  54. Merely
  55. Merrily
  56. Messily
  57. Metabolically
  58. Metaphorically
  59. Meteorologically
  60. Methodically
  61. Meticulously     
  62. Metrically
  63. Microscopically
  64. Midway
  65. Mightily
  66. Mighty
  67. Militantly
  68. Mimetically
  69. Mincingly
  70. Mindfully
  71. Mindlessly
  72. Minimally
  73. Ministerially
  74. Minutely
  75. Miraculously
  76. Mischievously
  77. Miserably           
  78. Mistakenly
  79. Mistrustfully
  80. Mockingly
  81. Moderately
  82. Modestly
  83. Modishly
  84. Moistly
  85. Momentarily
  86. Momently
  87. Monolingually
  88. Monotonously
  89. Monstrously
  90. Monthly
  91. Monumentally
  92. Moodily
  93. Morally
  94. Mordaciously
  95. More
  96. Moreover
  97. Morphologically
  98. Mostly
  99. Motherly
  100. Motionlessly
  101. Movingly
  102. Mulishly
  103. Multifariously
  104. Multiplicatively
  105. Multiply
  106. Mundanely
  107. Munificently
  108. Murkily
  109. Musically
  110. Musingly
  111. Mutely
  112. Mutually
  113. Mystically
adverbs starting with MPin
adverbs starting with M

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