Printable Noun Chart (11 Types of Nouns)

Nouns are things, nouns are people and their names are also nouns. They have many types. I have put them together an easy to use printable chart for you.

This printable noun chart will teach you the most common types of nouns used with examples.

What is noun?

A noun is word used as the name of

Nouns are the names of people, places, things and ideas. For example:

Person: The man in the street

Place: The White House

Thing: A book, a pen, a computer

Idea: Wisdom, love

Sr.#Noun TypeDefinitionExample
1Common NounCommon noun denotes a general or common thing or a person.Boy, house, book, chair
2Proper NounPersonal name of a person, place or a thing is called proper noun.John, London, Germany
3Collective NounPersons or things taken and spoken together as one whole. Faculty, crowd, herd
4Abstract NounAbstract nouns denote some quality, state or action.Truth, honesty, pleasure
5Material NounThe things that are made of matter are called material things. Name given to them is called material noun.Iron, gold, mud, sugar
6Countable NounThe names of things, people that we can count.Balls, friends, students
7Uncountable NounCommon things that cannot be counted.Knowledge, Sand, Machinery
8Regular NounNouns that become plural by adding ‘s’ are called regular nouns.Girl – Girls
Animal – Animals
9Irregular NounSpellings of these nouns are changed when become plural.Fox – Foxes
Enemy – Enemies
10Plural NounPlural noun denotes more than one person, place or thing.Friends, Men, Trees, Parks
11Possessive NounPossessive noun shows ownership.Tom’s Bike, Egg’s color, Jane’s Diary
printable noun chart

Printable Noun Chart

free printable noun chartPin
printable noun chart

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