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Free Printable Pronoun Chart (12 Types)

Print out this pretty little graphic for free. Using this page, you can determine what the words in your sentences are referring to.

This is a pronoun chart with all the pronouns categorized and lined up. This chart is condensed and makes it easy to see each of the pronouns listed in alphabetical order. This could be used as a quick reference or as an introductory lesson to pronouns.

The chart below will help you identify your pronouns.

Pronouns are words that can be used instead of a noun or another pronoun. For example, when you want to say “he” or “she” without saying the person’s name, you can use he and she as pronouns. Here are some more examples of pronouns:

Sr.#Pronoun TypeDefinitionExample
1Personal PronounIt is used in place of person’s name.Tom is smart boy. He is also very intelligent.
2Possessive PronounPossessive pronouns shows the ownership in the sentence.Your dress is not as beautiful as mine.
3Interrogative PronounInterrogative pronoun is used to ask questions.Whom did they invite?
4Relative PronounRelative pronoun introduces a clause in the sentence.I met a man who is my neighbor.
5Distributive PronounIt denotes as to whether things are mentioned collectively of separately in a sentence.Each of the students got a scholarship.
6Demonstrative PronounIt demonstrates already mentioned noun in the sentence.That is Tom’s book.
7Reflexive PronounReflexive pronoun is made by adding ‘self’ or ‘selves’ to a personal pronoun.He punished himself for his mistake.
8Indefinite PronounIndefinite pronoun refers to people or things without saying exactly who or what they are.None of the three boys has got back his ticket.
9Emphatic PronounEmphatic pronouns are used to show stress and emphasis in a sentence.We blame ourselves for the result of the election.
10Exclamatory PronounExclamatory pronoun expresses wonder to surprise element in the sentence.What a lovely picture is it!
11Quantifier PronounThe quantifier pronoun shows the quantity of something.There is much water in the pond.
12Reciprocal PronounReciprocal pronoun used to talk about the mutual relationship.We should cooperate with one another.

Free Printable Pronoun Chart

free printable pronoun chartsPin
free printable pronoun charts

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