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Sentences with There Their and They’re (150+ Examples)

There, their and they’re the three words that can cause a headache for English language learners. Here are some examples of sentences with there, their and they’re.

Sentences with There Their and They’re

Sentences with There

  1. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.
  2. There are many things you should know about saving money.
  3. There should be equal rights for everyone.
  4. There are many different ways of making money.
  5. There is a boat in the harbor.
  6. There was a storm last night.
  7. Are you sure there is no meat in this sauce?
  8. Is there a television remote lying on the desk?
  9. There are so many people in this store!
  10. The storm was so bad that there was damage to the roof of my house.
  11. There were cars parked outside the plaza.
  12. There is a toilet near the entrance.
  13. There is an egg on the floor.
  14. There is a hair in my soup.
  15. There was a spider in the room.
  16. Barbra was there at the party.
  17. There are 20 people outside my house.
  18. There was nothing for me to do but take it to the shop.
  19. There isn’t a lot of choice in this area.
  20. There are times when you just have to give up.
  21. There is no backup system for this sort of situation.
  22. There‘s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned car chase.
  23. There have been a lot of changes there.
  24. There is a food truck festival tomorrow.
  25. I went there on my lunch break yesterday.
  26. There are only 5 things you need to start a blog.
  27. There are thousands of video sites, but not all of them are worthwhile.
  28. There is no point in trying to make minor changes to your website and there is no guarantee that the changes will work for you.
  29. If money is involved in any form, then there will be complaints.
  30. There was a woman here earlier.
  31. There are two people in my family.
  32. There are three reasons for my success.
  33. There are many things that you have done wrong.
  34. There has been a slight delay in getting the product to market at this point.
  35. There is one thing I would like to mention.
  36. There were a lot of people at the party.
  37. The food was there every night.
  38. Mary said that there were no cookies left.
  39. I can’t find my keys – are they there?
  40. There was a jaguar behind the tree.
  41. There will be no school tomorrow.
  42. There are four main varieties of art that are practiced in the modern world.
  43. There was a man who just stood there with his mouth open.
  44. There is a beautiful statue made out of marble.
  45. There were two children on the playground who were playing together.
  46. There have been many attempts to build cars that are powered by electricity instead of gasoline.
  47. There is more and more rain in the forecast for this coming weekend.
  48. There was a time when people would not wear shorts to work, but now it is normal.
  49. There will be a party on Saturday night.

Sentences with Their

  1. Their sandwiches are pretty good.
  2. Let’s hope they achieve their target quickly.
  3. The reason for their anger is not clear.
  4. I added their name to the list.
  5. They were upset when they found their offer had been refused.
  6. He checked all the things lying on their desk.
  7. It’s a myth that you can tell a lot about someone by their name. However, some names do seem to fit people very well.
  8.  If you keep a watchful eye their tricks will not fool you.
  9. Their website teaches children how to spell simple English words.
  10. Their company sells traditional food and products.
  11. They own a small organic farm in the forest behind their house.
  12. Their work has been featured in print and online publications.
  13. Bob and Jack were trying to inspire their teacher.
  14. Their trademark red hats are a herringbone pattern.
  15. Their business is based in the town, but they have a cottage on the coast.
  16. Their online course teaches people a new skill every month for 2 years.
  17. They created their product themselves and sell it all over.
  18. He was their next victim.
  19. The others are here, their time comes later.
  20. Here lies their secret.
  21. He had their respect and affection.
  22. He felt good to have their confidence.
  23. They left their luggage at the train station while they went out for dinner.
  24. They were busy trying to fix their problems and didn’t seem to be interested in ours.
  25. He informed everyone that their boss would not be attending the meeting.
  26. They were eating their dinner.
  27. Let’s try their special today.
  28. We need to ask their permission.
  29. Their behavior was very rude.
  30. I will consider their request.
  31. It was their idea in the first place.
  32. We are happy that their teacher is helping us.
  33. Their next album was released this past March.
  34. Their old house was quite small.
  35. Their high school does not promote sports teams.
  36. Their interest in art was obvious.
  37. Their daughters were pretty alike.
  38. Her children get along very well with their neighbors, who have no children of their own.
  39. Their favorite place to shop is in the local market on Friday afternoons.
  40. Jenny and Jess have their styles.
  41. Your guests are their priority.
  42. Jack was also a hermit and enjoyed the solitude of their mountain cabin.
  43. Their quilt smelled like newly mown hay.
  44. The boys were sure their team would win, even though their supporters were few.
  45. They are devoted environmentalists and their food comes from locally grown sources.
  46. They denounced it at first, but eventually, they had to change their minds.
  47. Their favorite type of sweets is gummy bears.

Sentences with They’re

  1. They’re not my priority right now.
  2. They’re a great team players.
  3. They’re perfect for each other.
  4. Jealousy is not a good emotion but they’re feeling we have to learn to control it.
  5. They’re coming over tonight.
  6. They’re better than you think.
  7. They’re really nice neighbors.
  8. They’re giving us a lift to the train station.
  9. They’re helping us move house this weekend.
  10. They’re going to be so helpful.
  11. I’m starting to think that they’re going to fail.
  12. What they’re offering seems pretty expensive.
  13. Based on what we’ve done, they’re clearly the best choice.
  14. They’re already late for their next meeting.
  15. It’s a good thing that they’re not going to need very much help from us.
  16. They’re preparing for the interview.
  17. They’re doing it for themselves and not for others.
  18. They’re deciding which one will suit them best.
  19. They’re respecting your decisions and wishes.
  20. They’re putting together your new house.
  21. They’re saying all white is out this year.
  22. If you don’t arrive on time, they’re not going.
  23. Jenny says they’re scared of the dark.
  24. They’re very nice people.
  25. They’re in the backyard again.
  26. They’re going to the beach every weekend.
  27. They’re always travelling around Asia with their parents. It’ll be fun to see them later tonight.
  28. They’re going to take a picture of the statue later today.
  29. They’re currently studying the history of the Second World War.
  30. They’re all looking at their notes.
  31. They’re going to end up with a good grade on this test, even if they miss a few questions.
  32. They’re also studying how the war affected America.
  33. They’re getting ready for the test on Monday afternoon.
  34. They’re all proud of their participation in the war effort.
  35. They’re leaving an hour later.
  36. I’m going to find the book they’re talking about.
  37. I didn’t know they’re going on vacation.
  38. Let’s see what they’re up to tonight.
  39. Do you know what they’re thinking?
  40. They’re amazing. Aren’t they?
  41. They’re getting quite big now.
  42. They’re not going to believe it!
  43. They’re great at keeping secrets!
  44. They’re so clever and talented!
  45. They’re my favorite singers, do you know them?
  46. They’re growing really fast!
  47. They’re going on a big trip.
  48. They’re waking up early tomorrow.
  49. They’re the main stars of the show.
  50. They’re looking for a good time.
  51. They’re sleeping inside their houses tonight.
  52. They’re never going to find you.
  53. They’re turning into monsters overnight.
  54. They’re also supposed to be quite comfortable to complete the task.

Sentences with There Their and They'rePin
Sentences with There Their and They’re

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