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Adverbs Starting with O (Examples & List)

List of Adverbs Starting with O and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with OExample Sentences
obligatorilyYou have no choice but to answer their question obligatorily.
I must accomplish this work obligatorily before I leave today.
The customer wants his money back due to poor customer service, so we must obligatorily refund him as he is legally entitled to do so under consumer law.
objectively A student has to learn many things objectively in this class.
obediently In the personal statement, you should be obediently objective and obligatorily admit any minor mistakes you may have made.
He was oriented to time, place, and person, responding obediently to commands.
obtrusively The new law has forced companies to be obtrusively open with their record keeping.
He was obtrusively persistent in imposing his point of view on everyone else.
obnoxiously It was an obnoxiously large tent.
The report in its current form is obnoxiously long and full of useless information.
observably Observably, two-thirds of visitors to Scotland come from England and Wales.
Some were observably uncomfortable with their professor’s proposal to reform their grading system.
The prison was an observably dismal place.
Observably during this time, the workers could eat a hot lunch at least once in two weeks.
occasionallyThe first hint that something was wrong was when she occasionally mentioned losing weight.
Occasionally, my list for household things can has many items, but it may also have just one item. 
obsessively Obsessively constantly checking the weather on your device can become disruptive.
She was obsessively clean; even her knives and forks were washed after every use.
offshore That company has offshore holdings.
Disruptive startups will often offshore customer service to save money.
For offshore locations, much higher wave heights can occur.
officially The best office chair will be officially launched next month.
The committee officially approved the plan.
often He often goes off on tangents at meetings.
Sports stars often have their heads in the clouds.
offstageThe press conference will be offstage in the auditorium.
The new design was only shown offstage at the trade show.
The CEO is currently offstage.
The library will be closed during the offstage work.
offensively The mayor was offensively ignorant in dealing with this delicate matter.
Offensively, some people believe that a section is supposed to be organized alphabetically and nothing else.
obviously She eventually did, but at first, she was obviously afraid.
Obviously, these aren’t the only ways to study for an exam.
oddlyOddly, no matter what your goals are, you have to be honest with yourself and be your own harshest critic. 
She was unable to recall how she got there oddly.
He was forced to rip out much of the design because of construction delays, and the result was an oddly shaped building that was unpopular with most Houstonians but beloved by some.
obstinately Obstinately refusing to give up smoking will harm your health.
The new head teacher is obstinately determined to rebuild the school’s image.
Obstinately ignoring medical advice will hurt your health.
This fine porcelain cup is obstinately resistant to cracks.
You need to stay committed if you want to achieve your goal obstinately.
obstructively Obstructively postponing necessary renovations will force you to close down for good.
The paparazzi obsessively followed the movie star. The hero was obstructively strong and fast.  
I was obstructively distracted by the cackling of the chickens as they ran in circles around me. 
The rebellious teenager is obstructively defiant and rude. 
His friends are obstructively opposed to the plan.
obstreperously They obstreperously rejected any outside advice on their products.
Obstreperously and obtrusively bringing up bad memories will ruin a successful and productive meeting.
She is obstreperously enthusiastic about the project.
obscenely The restaurant was obscenely expensive for what it was, and the service was horrendous.
For obscenely wealthy hotel owners, the price of water was not an issue.
obscurely The governor was perceived to be a threat in the state due to his large-scale sale of lands, obscurely.
He was an obscurely familiar personage; I seemed to have seen his face before, but I could not remember where, when, or under what circumstances.
Obscurely no law requires employers to provide lunch.
Adverbs Starting with O


  1. Obdurately
  2. Obediently
  3. Objectively
  4. Obligatorily
  5. Obliquely
  6. Obnoxiously
  7. Obscenely
  8. Obscurely
  9. Observably
  10. Observantly
  11. Observingly
  12. Obsessionally
  13. Obsessively
  14. Obstinately
  15. Obstreperously
  16. Obstructively
  17. Obtrusively
  18. Obtusely
  19. Obviously
  20. Occasionally
  21. Oddly
  22. Offensively
  23. Offhand
  24. Offhandedly
  25. Officially  
  26. Offshore
  27. Offstage
  28. Often
  29. Oftentimes
  30. Okay
  31. Ominously
  32. Once
  33. Onerously
  34. Only
  35. Onstage
  36. Ontologically
  37. Opaquely
  38. Openly
  39. Operationally
  40. Operatively
  41. Opportunely
  42. Oppositely
  43. Oppressively
  44. Optically
  45. Optimally
  46. Optimistically
  47. Optionally
  48. Opulently
  49. Orally
  50. Ordinarily
  51. Organically
  52. Organizationally
  53. Originally
  54. Ornamentally
  55. Osmotically
  56. Ostensibly
  57. Otherwise
  58. Outback
  59. Outboard
  60. Outlandishly
  61. Outragedly
  62. Outrageously
  63. Outright
  64. Outside
  65. Outspokenly
  66. Outstandingly
  67. Outwardly
  68. Over
  69. Overbearingly
  70. Overhead
  71. Overleaf
  72. Overly
  73. Overnight
  74. Overpoweringly
  75. Overseas
  76. Overtime
  77. Overtly
  78. Overwhelmingly
  79. Owlishly
adverbs starting with OPin
adverbs starting with O

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