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31 Example Sentences with Kinsmen in them

Kinsmen are any family members belonging to our husband’s or wife’s immediate family regardless of their proximity to us by blood. See 31 example sentences with kinsmen.

Sentences with Kinsmen

  1. Our neighbor is with his kinsmen now for the funeral of his grandfather.
  2. His brother came with his kinsmen and their children to visit him at summer camp.
  3. I like my English class because I like having kinsmen around me all the time.
  4. The kinsmen were all in agreement.
  5. My kinsmen are living in the mountains.
  6. Tom sent me word that my kinsmen were on their way.
  7. Kinsmen were always in debt to each other.
  8. One must repay the money they borrowed from their kinsmen.
  9. I do not want my kinsmen to know that I am broke.
  10. My religion tells me that I cannot lend money to my kinsmen.
  11. Everyone wanted their kinsmen to succeed.
  12. They were talking about how much they paid for things for their kinsmen.
  13. No one can deny that they owe money to their kinsmen.
  14. Leonard greeted his kinsmen with a firm handshake.
  15. A loyal kinsman is hard to come by.
  16. The princess is related to the kinsmen of the king.
  17. King Edward sends his kinsmen to represent him in parliament.
  18. The event is also open to all his kinsmen and friends of the family.
  19. Leonard is the only surviving heir to the throne, his sons are therefore all his kinsmen.
  20. He dreams of one day ruling them as their kinsmen would have wished.
  21. The kinsman and I will be travelling this weekend.
  22. There is a good chance you will find kinsmen in the professional fraternity.
  23. Your kinsmen won’t understand your situation until they go through it themselves.
  24. The kinsmen of the Huntsman are known to be trustworthy.
  25. We have a kinsman in common.
  26. Humans are our kinsmen. We help our kinsmen.
  27. My kinsman was killed in a road accident.
  28. He thanked his kinsmen for attending the ceremony.
  29. I was proud of my kinsmen acting as pallbearers.
  30. He made himself useful to his kinsmen.
  31. Your brothers and your kinsmen stand before you.
31 Example Sentences with KinsmenPin
31 Example Sentences with Kinsmen

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