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What is a Subordinating Conjunction? Examples, Worksheet & List

The subordinating conjunction introduces a dependent clause and changes the meaning of the sentence. In most cases, it shows that one event is happening because of another event. For example: I cannot finish my work yet means “I cannot finish my work because something else is preventing me from doing so.”

Subordinating conjunction is a way of looking at the English language, which is often used to describe clauses. In most cases, these clauses do not have an independent clause – they are subordinate to another clause. Take this sentence for example:

Unlike Lucy, she won’t mind if we arrive late! (In this sentence “if” is subordinating conjunction)

Definition: A subordinating conjunction is a word that connects two clauses and shows how they are related. A subordinating conjunction usually comes at the beginning of the second clause, and it tells us what relation the two clauses have to each other.

What is a Subordinating Conjunction?

Subordinating conjunctions are used to introduce dependent clauses. (A dependent clause is a group of words with a subject and verb that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence.) Dependent clauses usually begin with subordinating conjunctions but can also be introduced by relative pronouns, such as who or which.

Subordinating Conjunction examples include: after, although, as, because, before, how even if/though once since until when whenever where whereas wherever whether while.

Some of these same words can serve many purposes in addition to being subordinate conjunctions.


Subordinating conjunction is a word that is used to connect a subordinate clause to the main clause. It shows that one thing follows another. See some more examples of subordinating conjunction usage.

  • Since I have time, I’ll read a little more.
  • Before I went shopping, she called me.
  • If you go with me, we can leave early.
  • Did you hear what he said? He didn’t see us because he was looking down at his phone.
  • They are excited since they won $1000 in Vegas last night!
  • We took an Uber to get there faster because traffic got really bad during rush hour this morning.
  • Although it is cold out today; people were still wearing shorts!
  • You should arrive by six so we can eat dinner together

Subordinating Conjunction SWABI

These are some most commonly used subordinating conjunction words.

SWABI stand for Since, When, And, Because, & If

SSinceSince he didn’t come, I left.
WWhenWhen I was a child, I went to school.
AAndI go to the gym twice a week and it helps me stay fit.
BBecauseBecause he was hungry, he ate an early dinner.
IIfIf we can raise $5000 for charity, we’ll get free pizza!
Subordinating Conjunction SWABIPin
Subordinating Conjunction SWABI

Subordinating Conjunction List

  1. After
  2. Although
  3. As
  4. As if
  5. As much as
  6. As soon as
  7. Before
  8. Because
  9. By the time
  10. Even if
  11. Even though
  12. Every time
  13. If
  14. In case
  15. Now that
  16. Once
  17. Since
  18. So that
  19. That
  20. Than
  21. Though
  22. Unless
  23. Until
  24. Whatever
  25. When
  26. Whenever
  27. Wherever
  28. Whereas
  29. Whoever
  30. While
  31. Why

Subordinating Conjunction Usage / Rules

Subordinating conjunctions allow subordination of clauses. A clause is a group of words that contains a subject and verb. A subordinating conjunction connects two clauses with the first clause subordinate to the second. Keep in mind these simple rules for using subordinating conjunctions.

  1. Subordinating conjunctions are used to link two clauses in a way that indicates the relationship between them.
  2. They are usually placed at the beginning of a sentence, but can also be placed at other places within it (such as after an adverb). For example; I am sure you will do fine on your exam tomorrow because you have studied hard for it all semester long.
  3. The purpose of a subordinating conjunction is to connect two sentences with the same subject and verb, but different objects or complements.

Subordinating Conjunction Examples (50 Sentences)

  1. He won’t go until they finish.
  2. Unless you pay the rent, we will evict you.
  3. She’s better at swimming than Tom is.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t open that box!
  5. You can keep the money unless you tell me how you got it.
  6. If you don’t stop, I’ll have to report you to your supervisor!
  7. Unless the students treat their principal with respect, they will undoubtedly fail their exams.
  8. Before the train leaves, we can take my car to the parking lot if we get there.
  9. I would feel a lot better about this whole thing if I thought she was coming back.
  10. Whenever John visits his family, he sees his brother.
  11. So don’t worry about it if you make a mistake.
  12. They might cancel the meeting if there are bad weather conditions.
  13. Check the answers and find out if you were right.
  14. If it’s too big, I won’t have enough room in my room to walk around.
  15. Since we’re already here, let’s do this!
  16. We’ve waited long enough, so let’s begin!
  17. Since she dislikes waking up early, she snoozes the alarm until it starts ringing again.
  18. As much as you might want to go for that extra slice of cake, since you just finished dinner, it may not be a good idea.
  19. I can’t stay long because I have to go since my booking is confirmed.
  20. When I was young, I cried for hours after my dog was run over.
  21. Good luck until we meet again!
  22. When you get home, eat some dinner.
  23. When she was a little girl, she loved to sing in front of the mirror.
  24. You are never going to believe what happened when I was sleeping.
  25. When that happened, it was the perfect time to strike.
  26. The person might be in school and need help with their homework.
  27. We’re having sandwiches for lunch and will be doing activities later in the afternoon.
  28. My birthday is very special because it is when I was born, and so many family members come together to celebrate it.
  29. English teachers have tough jobs because they have lots of classes, get little holidays and have lots of marking to do each week.
  30. If you want to lose weight, you should eat healthily, do a lot of exercise and stop eating junk food until you’re ready to start again.
  31. Because of these problems, I don’t think we should let them use social media at work.
  32. Because she hadn’t slept, she took a nap in her office.
  33. Because I felt ill, I couldn’t go to the meeting.
  34. Because he was hungry, he ate an early dinner.
  35. Because they had done so well on their midterm exams, they felt confident during their final exams.
  36. While the milk may taste fine, bacteria can grow rapidly causing it to become sour.
  37. While you are gone, we will take care of things here with your help.
  38. Now that he is behind bars for life, she can finally move on and have a new life.
  39. In case something happens to me, I have left my Last Will.
  40. In case an agent becomes busy with a call, there is another one to fill in his spot.
  41. Even though you have never asked for a testimonial – please consider this letter as one from a very satisfied client.
  42. Even if you have never asked for references – I would be pleased to supply you with a few.
  43. By the time this You reach her – she may have already signed with another publishing company.
  44. In case you cannot finish the project by your deadline – I suggest we publish it on a later date.
  45. Even though the year is almost over, there is still time to accomplish your goals.
  46. By the time June comes around, the weather will be warmer.
  47. In case you are planning a trip abroad, make sure you are covered by health insurance.
  48. The smell of my father, by the time he gets home, always reminds me of happier times.
  49. The soldier knew, in case of a collapse, his fellow soldiers would protect him so that he could survive.
  50. Since the mission was so important, we all took it upon ourselves to make sure everything went by the plan and so that we wouldn’t run into any problems.
  51. By the time you have finished reading this, you will be well on the way to developing your own presentation skills and techniques.

Subordinating Conjunction Worksheet

  1. I will go when it stops raining.
  2. She stopped because she was tired.
  3. Unless you have a ticket, you can’t get in.
  4. Even though college is an exciting time, it can be stressful.
  5. It means that they will only work if you are in the country they are showing in the list.
  6. Unless it rains, we will go to the beach.
  7. They might see me if we wait here long enough.
  8. Since I don’t want to get fired, I work hard.
  9. When I was little, someone drove by my house on Halloween holding a jack o’ lantern and honking the horn.
  10. He spends most of his time watching television while I read books.
  11. Make a pie, in case he comes over tonight.
  12. The movie was starting now that they were finally here.
  13. I know you can do it; I’ll see you whenever we have a team meeting tomorrow.
  14. It’s so cold outside right now, so I decided to stay home.
  15. If my memory serves me well, I think I once had the honor of eating dinner with Emperor Joseph II of Austria.
Subordinating Conjunction WorksheetPin
Subordinating Conjunction Worksheet


  1. when
  2. because
  3. unless
  4. even though
  5. if
  6. unless
  7. if
  8. since
  9. when
  10. while
  11. in case
  12. now that
  13. whenever
  14. so
  15. if

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