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Sentences with But Conjunction (75 Examples)

In English, conjunctions are a part of speech that connect words and group words/clauses together. For example: “My phone got wet but it still works.”

The word but is coordinating conjunction and one of the most commonly used conjunctions in the English language. Here are 75 example sentences with but conjunction.

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Sentences with But Conjunction

  1. I walked to the beach but it was foggy, so I didn’t swim.
  2. I bought her flowers but she forgot to come to work.
  3. I took her out for dinner, but she didn’t eat it.
  4. She listened to me, but she didn’t understand it.
  5. I stayed at home but my wife went to the party.
  6. We went out for dinner, but the kids were noisy so we came home early.
  7. A new article came out slamming the popular diet program, but I believe it is more of a writing style choice.
  8. I was looking forward to it all day long, but when I got home my wife told me we could not go to dinner after all.
  9. He did not want to try it at first but after seeing everyone eat he had to give in.
  10. The beginning of the movie is slow but then picks up speed after that.
  11. The weather was nice but hot.
  12. The bear attacked us but we ran away.
  13. I think you should do something but I’m not sure what exactly.
  14. That was the best game I saw yesterday but it wasn’t very good.
  15. He said he couldn’t come but my mother told me he just wanted to stay home and watch tv all day.
  16. It’s a good hotel but my room is too small!
  17. I wanted to go out but I was too tired.
  18. I have been studying Chinese for months but still have problems with pronunciation.
  19. We can help you with your resume but we charge a fee for this service.
  20. I like dancing, singing and playing the piano but not at the same time.
  21. You can do it by yourself but it will be difficult and messy to clean up later.
  22. Life is hard but love is harder.
  23. We are busy but happy.
  24. He was old but he was also really sweet.
  25. The defendant was charged with assault and his lawyer claimed he acted in self defence but he was found guilty.
  26. ECT is dangerous but the side effects can be worse than the disease.
  27. In this case I don’t think that it is acceptable that a man without a criminal record isn’t allowed to work as a taxi driver because of this but I think that the law needs to be changed to make it more logical.
  28. I’ve been here a lot in the past but this time felt really uncomfortable.
  29. My sister is a doctor but she will never leave her little girl.
  30. Play it safe, but be as creative as you like as well!
  31. You can find clothes at great prices but they don’t always look good with other things in your wardrobe.
  32. Some people like to go on holiday and never come back, but you need to carry on working and paying the bills and everything else.
  33. Studies suggest that students who study more tend to get better grades, but this does not imply that those who study more will also get better grades.
  34. You can’t be fearless, but it is good to be brave, which is the opposite of being scared.
  35. He has a big mouth, but everything he says cannot be true.
  36. It was better than I thought but I was still disappointed.
  37. They are good at marketing but not good at production.
  38. What you see isn’t always what you get but it can be!
  39. Never try to look for perfection in others, because you will find flaws in everyone but yourself.
  40. I love my new dress but it’s too expensive.
  41. I don’t think he likes me, but I will talk with him.
  42. He is a good boy but he is lazy.
  43. The book is good but I don’t like the end.
  44. I like football, but not basketball.
  45. She was enjoying her meal, but it took too long to arrive.
  46. I didn’t buy it, but will look for it online.
  47. You can go home now, but you must be back by midnight.
  48. She is poor but she is happy.
  49. He looks smart but he is really bad.
  50. Tom loves his country but he doesn’t like politics.
  51. The train was early but I could not catch it.
  52. They didn’t like it but they bought it anyway.
  53. She worked hard for the exam but she failed anyway.
  54. I liked that restaurant, but it was crowded.
  55. I didn’t like that restaurant, but I did like the desserts.
  56. I’m not hungry, but he is very hungry .
  57. I didn’t go to the movies last night, but John did.
  58. You can go to school today, but you have to work hard.
  59. She didn’t want to go out tonight, but she doesn’t need to get up early tomorrow.
  60. The dress was expensive but it had to be replaced.
  61. The computer is cheap but good value for money.
  62. It was cheap but it had to be replaced at once.
  63. The shoes are comfortable but they need new heels.
  64. I like the furniture but I am not sure if I should keep them.
  65. The printer is complicated but so efficient.
  66. The students are studying hard but they are not doing well.
  67. Jonathan is smart but shy.
  68. I went with Lee but he didn’t come with me.
  69. I will go with him but where will you go?
  70. I am happy because my family came on time, but my friend is late.
  71. Some university students but not all like to socialize with other students.
  72. Jeremy Clarkson is married but not happy.
  73. All of our staff are paid fairly but it’s still difficult to survive on your wage.
  74. Mark Zuckerberg is an American billionaire but was raised in White Plains, New York.
  75. The average person should eat meat but I am a vegetarian.
Sentences with But Conjunction (75 Examples)Pin
Sentences with But Conjunction (75 Examples)

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