Example Sentences with Yet ConjunctionPin

Example Sentences with Yet Conjunction

This article lists 42 sentences with yet conjunction and 35 example sentences using “yet” for practicing the usage of the word ‘yet’.

Sentences with Yet Conjunction

Yet is a conjunction word that joins together two sentences. Sentences joined together by yet should have at least one sentence that contrasts with the other in one or more ways. Yet can also be used to add emphasis to the conclusion of a sentence.

  1. He apologized for the mistake, yet he was not sorry at all.
  2. The dress is too big for me, yet I will wear it anyway.
  3. He is smart and talented; yet he does not try hard enough.
  4. It was a chaotic situation; nobody knew what to do; yet we got through it ­ successfully.
  5. The President is very much in favor of reducing taxation, and yet many citizens do not share his view.
  6. The heavy rain somehow eased off at last , and yet the sky remained overcast all day.
  7. None of us had a pen, and yet we wanted to continue our discussion.
  8. I did not know that he was a doctor, and yet I remembered him from the seminar.
  9. She frowned, yet she smiled.
  10. I can read and write French, yet I don’t speak it fluently.
  11. I am not very strong, yet I can swim across the ocean.
  12. She is young and beautiful , yet she feels lonely sometimes.
  13. He’s been here for hours, yet he doesn’t look tired.
  14. I’ve read the book several times, yet I don’t understand it.
  15. The cake is delicious, yet I don’t like it.
  16. She was upset, yet she had to work.
  17. I have tried everything, yet I can’t fix it.
  18. He is strong, yet he does not participate in any sport.
  19. They pay me on time, yet I do it for pleasure.
  20. Blondielocks thought the cake was delicious ,yet she took only a few bites.
  21. I’ve never seen him before now, but I read an article about him yesterday; he apparently already has seven published books, yet he’s only twenty-four years old!
  22. They have a plenty of food, yet they are still hungry.
  23. The exam was easy and we all did well on it yet she didn’t do her homework.
  24. The fireman extinguished the fire yet suffered severe burns.
  25. I had never been to New York before so I was extremely excited yet nervous to go.
  26. This recipe is very delicious yet easy to make.
  27. When I finally arrived at the hotel it was late yet I was still overly excited for what lay ahead of me tomorrow.
  28. I walked in and yet the room was empty.
  29. I tried to talk to her and yet she ignored me.
  30. He said he would come and yet he didn’t come.
  31. We all wanted to go but yet we were tired.
  32. You can go ahead with this project but yet keep me informed of what is going on.
  33. I love steak but yet my wife doesn’t want to eat it.
  34. I like you yet I do not want to spend time with you.
  35. He acted like he was innocent yet no one believed him.
  36. I am still asleep; yet it is morning.
  37. He has done everything right; yet he failed the exam.
  38. Does he like the film; yet he is impatient.
  39. The food is not bad; yet it needs more salt.
  40. Although she had promised to pay; yet she didn’t do it.
  41. Everyone is tired; yet they continue working.
  42. She has received an award; yet she feels bitter.
Example Sentences with Yet ConjunctionPin
Example Sentences with Yet Conjunction

Sentences using “yet”

These sentences examples show the usage of word yet.

  1. He has not yet talked to the press.
  2. I have not eaten dinner yet.
  3. He has not finished his work yet.
  4. They have not started working on it yet.
  5. I have not written it yet.
  6. The battle is not over yet.
  7. I haven’t been to Disneyland yet.
  8. Yet I would not regret.
  9. Yet the dog was not afraid. He seemed to sense that this could be a play date.
  10. Yet he also never revealed his methods, insisting that a magician should retain a few tricks in his sleeve.
  11. My cousin is coming to dinner and I’m yet to find a babysitter.
  12. Everyone has come. Yet, I am still sleepy.
  13. I can not find my keys. Yet, I looked everywhere.
  14. It has stopped raining. Yet, it seems like it will start again soon.
  15. They had not yet arrived when I left.
  16. She hadn’t yet eaten breakfast when I called her at 7 am.
  17. By this time next year, she will have already moved to Canada although she hasn’t done it yet.
  18. Yet it has been proven that this would not affect the safety of the food.
  19. You can see a lot of people running on the street. Yet they are not fit.
  20. Yet he never thought about it.
  21. They won’t go against him. Yet they don’t want to get dragged into a fight.
  22. The investigators have not yet questioned her.
  23. She’s not here yet, but she soon will be.
  24. The garden is not yet ready for planting.
  25. They were there, but they had not arrived yet.
  26. Mary may not have a new car yet, but she sure has had a couple of car washes.
  27. It’s almost dinner time and Bob’s not home yet!
  28. Yet, it is important for you to study now.
  29. I know you really want this but yet you are still afraid.
  30. We have not met him yet.
  31. Can I help you? Yet, he didn’t offer any help to anyone sitting along the way.
  32. Beneath the floor are three layers of sub-floors. Yet, these layer are impossible to detect visually.
  33. I had already eaten dinner. Yet, I was still hungry.
  34. As you can see, the dog is unhappy. Yet she seems to be able to run very quickly.
  35. A new study said that fats are not as bad as we thought they were yet studies from last year say they are.

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