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List of 50+ Collective Nouns for Plants and Trees

Collective Nouns for Plants and Trees

  1. A bunch of flowers
  2. A shrubbery of shrubs
  3. A pod of peas
  4. A nursery of plants
  5. A rarity of orchids
  6. A tassel of corn
  7. A reservoir of succulents
  8. A majesty of oaks
  9. A chamber of boxwood
  10. An advance of birches
  11. A row of plants
  12. A clump of plants
  13. A hedge of bushes
  14. A hedge of thorns
  15. A heap of durians
  16. A tuft of grass
  17. An avenue of limes
  18. An avenue of pines
  19. An avenue of trees
  20. A clump of trees
  21. A forest of trees
  22. A clone of aspen
  23. A stand of trees
  24. A grove of trees
  25. A copse of trees
  26. A spinney of trees
  27. A thicket of trees
  28. A canvas of maples
  29. A line of trees
  30. A row of trees

Collective Nouns for Flowers

  1. A bed of flowers
  2. A bed of roses
  3. A basket of roses
  4. A bouquet of flowers
  5. A bunch of flowers
  6. A nosegay of flowers
  7. A garden of flowers
  8. A drift of dandelions
  9. A bobblestock of oak
  10. A pot of flowers

Collective Nouns for Fruits

  1. A bunch of bananas
  2. A bunch of grapes
  3. A comb of bananas
  4. A cluster of fruits
  5. A bowl of fruits
  6. A basket of fruits
  7. A crate of fruits
  8. A pocket of oranges
  9. A cluster of grapes
  10. A bushel of apples
  11. A bushel of bananas
  12. A punnet of strawberries
  13. An orchard of peaches

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Collective Nouns for Plants and TreesPin
Collective Nouns for Plants and Trees

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