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Sentences with Commas (50 Examples)

Comma is the smallest punctuation mark that has the biggest effect.

What is a comma? A comma is a mark showing the separation of different elements within the sentence. It is one of the most important punctuating marks in the English language.

These are often categorized as an enclosed punctuation mark because most commas are only used inside the closing part of the sentence. The basic function of commas is usually to separate clauses or phrases.

Sentences with Commas

  1. Don’t forget to insert the comma’s, wherever needed!
  2. I’ve always wanted to visit New York, but have never made the trip.
  3. I promise to meet you by noon, if not 5 minutes earlier.
  4. His new hairstyle is, in my opinion, perfect for his face shape.
  5. If you get a job, you become a part of society and you need to follow their rules.
  6. I love going there, but it is a bit obscure.
  7. I love going there; however, it is a bit obscure.
  8. We all stayed home, but my sister went to work.
  9. Do you need anything else? No, that’s fine.
  10. These days, golfers better be ready for everything.
  11. If you need to know how to use it, just use it.
  12. She went to the party, but she did not have fun.
  13. The teacher asked for some snacks, so I went to the store.
  14. My sister, Susan, wants to know why her homework is an inch shorter than Tom’s.
  15. Now that you are free, is there anyone you are interested in seeing?
  16. I think it’s fine, but everyone thinks it’s weird.
  17. I’m excited for this years winter, hopefully it isn’t too cold.
  18. Please like my page on Facebook, the link is in the description below.
  19. She seemed nice enough, but then she told that joke about how you can cheat on your girl with food instead of men.
  20. I’ve always wanted to do something different with my hair, but I could never find time.
  21. Ms. Pena, I’d like a cheeseburger and a large coke.
  22. Although the sun has set, there is still enough light to read.
  23. My mother, who made me lunch today, is a fantastic cook.
  24. No matter how much time you spend preparing anything, your parents will think you’re not doing enough.
  25. Jack climbed the tall tree, and Jill ran down the hill.
  26. But we, as a reader, need to know why Jack and Jill did these things and what happened next.
  27. I can’t believe he lied to my face, especially when I saw the evidence.
  28. The old man waited with a smile on his face, knowing at any moment he would see his family.
  29. The hot coffee was too hot to drink; however, David still drank it anyway.
  30. Because I didn’t want to go to work, I stayed in bed all day.
  31. Although the fish had been on the ice for awhile, it was still salty and delicious.
  32. John, who is tall and handsome, won the race.
  33. Tom and Dick, two famous writers, visited London.
  34. Mary, Jacob and Anna were at their friend’s place.
  35. You can enjoy swimming, running or yoga for fitness.
  36. It was a dark, stormy night, perfect for reading.
  37. Before giving the order, the captain scanned the horizon.
  38. The wedding ring, which is gold in color, has a large diamond.
  39. After two weeks, he returned to America by boat.
  40. She was packing, singing and laughing.
  41. Ella said, “Dad, can I borrow the car?”
  42. The dog, which was tired, tried to get down after it had finished running.
  43. John went to the movies, Tina went to the shore and Joe stayed home with his family.
  44. It is just becoming dark when they set out, but it will be night when they get home.
  45. All of us want freedom, yet only a few of us really want responsibility.
  46. After studying Japanese for years, I still found myself lost when I visited Tokyo for the first time.
  47. Come to the mall and try on clothes, shoes and handbags.
  48. Tom is a funny chap he always makes us laugh, sometimes his jokes are cruel.
  49. He speaks with an American accent, perhaps he once lived there.
  50. I will be at home all day tomorrow, so I won’t be able to meet for lunch.
  51. The sun was setting, the lake was calm.
  52. Everyone who went to the party, enjoyed it.
  53. The little puppy is so adorable, he makes my heart melt with joy every time I see his adorable little face.
Sentences with Commas (50 Examples)Pin
Sentences with Commas (50 Examples)

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