Halloween Metaphor & Simile ExamplesPin

Halloween Metaphor and Similes Examples

In this post, you will find Halloween metaphor examples and Halloween similes examples.

Halloween Metaphor Examples

  1. Mark is a ghost around the rest of his teammates.
  2. His blood ran cold when he discovered what she planned to do.
  3. He wanted her back from the dead and was willing to dig up the grave to get her.
  4. Oh no! that candle is bleeding!
  5. The ghost of a dead relationship past still lingers around in the minds of both partners.
  6. The graveyard of failed business ideas is full of once bright and colorful businesses that have long passed away.
  7. This is a ghastly issue and it really creeps me out.
  8. Michael has a huge pumpkin for a head.
  9. The road conditions were scary; the fog was so thick that it hindered visibility.
  10. “You have blood on your hands!”, Adam shouted at John after the fight.
  11. You are in the pumpkin patch facing a fierce some scarecrow, but some blood-fanged demons also lurk here.
  12. That was the final stake, and my hopes of a win were soon replaced by the dread of defeat.
  13. The nightmare of high inflation continued to haunt the economy.

Halloween Similes Examples

  1. It is like visiting the graveyard of relationships past.
  2. The speed increase caused the cars to crash on the highway like pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.
  3. Some people are like ghosts.
  4. Jacob uses his fists in the octagon like a serial killer but he’s really just a big softie underneath his scary exterior.
  5. The new team member is like a ghost; they work very quietly in the background and only offer advice when asked.
  6. A flood of paperwork like a ghost in the dark sneaks up on you at work.
  7. As quiet as a ghost, as focused as a laser beam, as bright as the sun, and as round and spherical as a pumpkin, that’s Halloween blood.
  8. The pumpkins are always orange like the moonlit night sky.
  9. The house was pitch black as he entered, like a scary ghost.
  10. The witches cackle sounded like nails scratching down a chalkboard.
  11. Their screams were as chilling as ghost in graveyard.
  12. The echo of our steps in the foggy graveyard is as ghostly as two lost ghouls carving jack-o-lanterns.
  13. As tasty as pumpkin pie.
  14. As red as blood.
  15. The monster was as white as a ghost, and his face was also ghostly white.
  16. She was as still as death, staring straight ahead.
  17. The skin of his face was as white as a ghost.
  18. Like a ghost, he seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Halloween Metaphor & Simile ExamplesPin
Halloween Metaphor & Simile Examples

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