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Not Only But Also Sentences (36 Examples)

What is “Not only – but also”?

Not only but also is a phrase that is used to emphasize the importance or extent of something. There are different ways to use this phrase.
For example:
The United States Constitution was ratified in 1787 and became the law of the land not only for thirteen colonies, but also for all future states that would later join the Union.

Not Only But Also Sentences

  1. I am not only happy but also relieved.
  2. This is not only an excellent idea, but also a very easy to implement.
  3. She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.
  4. He is not only brilliant but also compassionate.
  5. We are not only in the market for an investment advice but also a financial advisory service.
  6. This was not only exciting but also redemptive because it marked the end of that meaningless period of my life.
  7. I not only want to be healthy, but also want to be strong.
  8. We not only repair used clothes, but also we are selling new clothes.
  9. She not only studied during class, but also did her homework.
  10. Her father not only provides for the money, but also helped her with the project.
  11. I am not only smart but also healthier than before.
  12. He was not only a doctor, but also an inventor.
  13. Not only did she buy a new car, but she also got a promotion at work!
  14. He is not only stronger, but also more muscular now than last year.
  15. We are not only a popular site online, but are also a brand name.
  16. She found a way to be compensated for not only the time spent in training, but also the travel and lost income.
  17. I not only enjoy eating apples, but also love oranges.
  18. Not only does he write songs on guitar, but also composes on keyboard as well.
  19. Not only does she love books, but she also likes to draw.
  20. It is not only a bad habit, but also a petty one.
  21. England not only lost the game, but also the series.
  22. She not only cooks well, but she also does the washing up after dinner.
  23. He not only helped me with my essay, but also edited it for me.
  24. I am not only happy with your product but also satisfied.
  25. I am not only tall, but also a strong man.
  26. She was not only an artist, but also a mother of three.
  27. He is not only an excellent student but also a top athlete of the school.
  28. She will not only participate in the tournament, but also make an important announcement at the conference in Beijing.
  29. I not only like orange juice but also other fruit juices.
  30. I don’t agree with this opinion, not only do I think it’s a bad idea, but I also think their plan will fail.
  31. Not only good news, but also bad news will come.
  32. Not only do we eat, but also sleep.
  33. She is a good student not only in the classroom but also in sports.
  34. Beyoncé is not only a great singer, but also an actress.
  35. Not only Luke but also his mum is coming for dinner.
  36. The man not only built the house himself, but he also made the furniture inside.
Not Only But Also Sentences (36 Examples)Pin
Not Only But Also Sentences (36 Examples)

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