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Examples with Neither Nor (50 Sentences)

What is neither nor?

Neither -nor is a correlative conjunction. It is used to emphasize contrast, and translate the neither… nor word pairs in other languages. This entry covers the basic sentence patterns with neither-nor; for further information, see the main entry for neither and nor.

When neither nor is used in sentences, the predicate must be singular, since neither nor combines both singular and plural forms.

Examples with Neither Nor

A simple article that shows you how to use neither nor. It provides you with both positive and negative sentences, to help you learn the use of neither nor.

  1. Neither the actor nor the singer was at the party.
  2. Neither Tom nor Lisa answered the phone.
  3. Neither the father nor the mother is home right now.
  4. Neither she, nor he, objected to the change in schedule.
  5. Neither my friends nor I have had much time for fun since school started.
  6. Neither the meat nor the fish are very good.
  7. Neither they, nor we, have enough money to go on vacation this year.
  8. Neither students nor teachers will be able to use that classroom when they are finished painting it.
  9. Neither Tom, nor his wife, were home when I called him.
  10. Neither you nor he is here.
  11. Neither she nor the baby cried.
  12. Neither he nor I are ready for the meeting.
  13. She likes neither tea nor coffee.
  14. He neither wanted nor needed to be on time for the meeting.
  15. The florist neither liked nor disliked the pattern, but thought it was nice enough for a little girl’s party.
  16. The candidate neither looks like a politician nor talks like one.
  17. Neither this team nor that team is my favorite, I prefer soccer altogether.
  18. She neither looked nor sounded pleased to hear the news.
  19. She said neither yes, nor no, but did agree to come to tea.
  20. I neither watch nor listen to the news.
  21. He could neither eat nor drink.
  22. Neither the boys nor the girls have any money with them.
  23. I like neither apples nor bananas.
  24. I felt neither warm nor cold.
  25. I have neither a cat nor a dog.
  26. I can see neither Tom nor Mary.
  27. My friends like neither soccer nor baseball.
  28. Neither the football team nor the fan bus are going to the game.
  29. Neither the flowers nor the vase cost much money.
  30. Neither Bill nor Sam has a lovely voice.
  31. Neither Father nor Mother has a driver’s license.
  32. Neither my brothers nor my sister is coming with us.
  33. Neither the dancer nor her dance was good.
  34. Neither Peter nor Mary know where I live.
  35. She is neither honest nor dishonest.
  36. He is neither a genius nor intelligent.
  37. Neither me nor my friends were involved in the accident.
  38. Neither she nor I think of divorce.
  39. Neither us nor them can find the right place.
  40. Neither the cat nor the dog was in the room.
  41. We like neither beef nor lamb.
  42. Neither schools nor hospitals work well in this city.
  43. Neither this pie nor that cake is edible.
  44. Neither the teacher nor the students came to class.
  45. Neither the room nor its contents were cheap.
  46. Neither my friend nor I know she did it. 
  47. He shows neither talent nor taste in designing rooms.
  48. Neither Mark nor Mary likes this movie.
  49. Neither pancakes nor waffles are on the menu.
  50. Neither the manager nor the waitress liked their job.
  51. It neither rained nor snowed yesterday.
Examples with Neither Nor (50 Sentences)Pin
Examples with Neither Nor (50 Sentences)

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