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Adverbs Starting with V (Examples & List)

List of Adverbs Starting with V and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with VExample Sentences
vacantly Our teacher was vacantly staring at the board while the students were taking notes.
Harry vacantly ignored the question.
If you look vacantly at anything, you stare at it without much interest.
vainly That restaurant owner’s proposal tries to convince us vainly to eat there because his food isn’t that good.
validly Good medications are validly required when people feel sick, such as physical or mental illnesses like depression.
I have never been validly married to John, but he is legally my husband.
This new way of living is validly influencing our lifestyle.
vapidly Our marketing director is vapidly overweight.
variably The sky is variably cloudy today.
variouslyThere are variously different types of birds.
varietally This data is variably gut-wrenching and also varietally unheard of.
variedly You should avoid using this product as it can variedly affect your health.
variably There are three ways to use a forklift, variably depending on if you need more accuracy or speed.
VenomouslyVenomously, our competitors could not engineer a battery that would handle the power required for the flame thrower, but the problem was easily solved.
ventrally She had to speak ventrally to John, who is highly verbose.
verily Verbally, he tried to warn them of their folly, but verily he was unable to stop them.
I would genuinely believe that verily he was not eligible for the promotion due to his negative attitude towards his co-workers and colleagues.
verballyHe called me verbally.
It was initially envisaged that they would verbally discuss their grievances.
vigilantly The dog vigilantly protects the house from intruders.
vigorously Vigorously encourage employees to work hard and make a great effort.
He will vigorously invest in stocks that are about to rise.
The athlete vigorously trains to win the gold medal.
He vigorously defends the suspect in court.
viciously Viciously attack the opponent with vicious punches.
The rooster viciously begins crowing at 6 AM every morning.
vitally This new data is vitally important to our research.
I could instantly tell that something was vitally wrong with him.
It seems vitally important that people realize what they are doing when they use social media.
visiblyPlease visibly communicate your project ideas tomorrow.
Visibly the food industry is using more virtual techniques.
The police have increased their presence in the area visibly.
vocally Vocally many people are complaining about this decision.
virtually Could you virtually lift this box?
Telling her, she would visit him virtually made her feel better.
After being virtually eliminated in the first round of playoffs, we were barely visible on TV.
It is virtually impossible to enter the building without identification.
Victoriously Victoriously ran the marathon without injuries.
VisuallyVisually, she made her point clear to her audience.
Adverbs Starting with V


  1. Vacantly
  2. Vacuously
  3. Vaguely    
  4. Vainly
  5. Validly
  6. Valorously
  7. Vapidly
  8. Variably
  9. Variously
  10. Vastly
  11. Vehemently
  12. Venally
  13. Vengefully
  14. Venomously
  15. Ventrally
  16. Verbally
  17. Verbosely
  18. Verily
  19. Vertically
  20. Very
  21. Vicariously
  22. Vice
  23. Viciously
  24. Victoriously
  25. Videlicet
  26. Vigilantly
  27. Vigorously
  28. Vindictively
  29. Violently
  30. Virtually
  31. Virulently
  32. Viscidly
  33. Visibly
  34. Visually
  35. Vitally
  36. Vivace
  37. Vivaciously
  38. Vividly
  39. Vocally
  40. Vocationally
  41. Volcanically
  42. Volitionally
  43. Volubly
  44. Volumetrically
  45. Voluminously
  46. Voluntarily
  47. Voraciously
  48. Vulgarly
  49. Vulnerably
adverbs starting with VPin
adverbs starting with V

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