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Sentences with Zeal (67 Examples)

Zeal is a positive emotion that increases energy and focus and makes you more inclined to do what is needed. Here are 67 example sentences with zeal.

Sentences with Zeal

  1. Your zeal will impress your boss, motivating her to grant you a promotion.
  2. Your friend’s new pet is so full of zeal that he hops all over the place!
  3. Zeal was rampant within her group.
  4. I’m filled with zeal for the new project.
  5. A person with zeal is likely to beat out a person without it.
  6. He’s always working hard, and he has a lot of zeal when he does things.
  7. This editor is full of enthusiasm; she has so much zeal.
  8. The sloth is moving with zeal.
  9. She finished her work with zeal.
  10. Her words filled me with a zeal to finish the task.
  11. She believes that too much zeal is dangerous.
  12. Bring the zeal to this position, and I’ll give you a raise.
  13. Danny, your new employee, has the zeal you were looking for!
  14. Bob’s zeal for his work showed me he really wanted to do well here.
  15. Zeal for my workouts motivates me to get out of bed early.
  16. Her zeal for the job is what got her the job.
  17. We need more zeal in this office.
  18. These songs are too monotonous; I wish they had more zeal!
  19. Do you have any zeal for the job?
  20. Zeal is an upwards excitement or enthusiasm for something.
  21. She had a zeal for the project.
  22. You can’t walk into the party without some zeal for life.
  23. This show was quite a zeal-fest!
  24. Jenny wears her zeal with pride.
  25. Shawn ran home with zeal when they won the big game.
  26. Greg ran to the aid of the injured man with zeal.
  27. Polly has a large zeal for gardening.
  28. Whatever you do, do it with zeal.
  29. They struggled at first to solve the problem, but with fresh eyes and a new approach, they resolved the issue with zeal.
  30. Zeal is a driving force that inspires or prompts people to take action.
  31. The zeal of the voter allowed him to be very engaged in the political conversation.
  32. His zeal for learning caused him to excel at school.
  33. The lawyer’s zeal for taking cases had him involved in some very controversial issues.
  34. Her zeal for justice had her fighting for victims of human rights violations.
  35. Be sure that your zeal shows in all that you do and say.
  36. She showed a zeal for helping others.
  37. The crowd displayed a palpable zeal.
  38. I’m filled with zeal to do a good job.
  39. The committee has a zeal for success.
  40. My superiors were impressed by my zeal.
  41. This candidate has the right zeal to be a successful lawyer.
  42. In the eyes of his peers, he was regarded as a man of great zeal and stature.
  43. We are often filled with zeal, but we forget what is of real importance.
  44. This zeal will pay off in the long run as we forge a path to enlightenment.
  45. The company will continue zeal to the increase in orders.
  46. The sales staff should exercise zeal in all customer contacts.
  47. He approached his task with zeal and determination.
  48. She finished her task with a flourish and zeal.
  49. I approached him with abundant zeal and confidence.
  50. The zeal to do the job was obvious.
  51. We are confident the zeal for success will propel this venture forward.
  52. His eloquent speech demonstrated his passion and zeal for justice.
  53. Thank you for your zeal to help us in this difficult time.
  54. We need works that match the zeal of youth and meet new challenges with hope and optimism.
  55. Our zeal to comply with all state regulations in this matter has resulted in our exemplary record of zero fines.
  56. He was fired because he was accused of exhibiting a lack of zeal and initiative.
  57. Zeal can lead to unhealthy work relationships, as well as personal complications.
  58. Zeal is energizing, not necessarily skills or experience.
  59. I don’t think you can replace the zeal and commitment that you get from an intern.
  60. The party was zeal for a good cause.
  61. The party was zeal for a good cause, and all the attendees had a good time too.
  62. All of the participants in the run were zeal to raise funds for the local charity shop, and they made.
  63. The spirit of zeal gets the best out of people and makes the impossible possible.
  64. The zeal in her voice showed that she was invested.
  65. To be sure that we have what it takes, it is important not to lose this zeal that keeps us going and stays on our path.
  66. Even though there are many distractions and temptations that can steal our zeal, we have to stay focused, stay motivated, and most of all stay honest.
  67. The company as a whole seems to lack proper work ethic; it’s almost as if everyone is burning out of a sense of desperate zeal to keep things running smoothly.
Example Sentences with ZealPin
Example Sentences with Zeal

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