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Sentences with Colon in them (40 Examples)

The colon is a punctuation mark consisting of two equally sized dots centered on the same horizontal line. The main use of a colon is to introduce a list or series.

In linguistics, grammar uses it to introduce a subordinate clause that explains or gives more information about the preceding statement. Here are 40 examples sentences with colon.

Sentences with Colon in them

  1. We visited this place on our vacation: It was one of the main sites.
  2. I’m nervous: I wring my hands and check my phone.
  3. Yay, I’m excited: I bounce on my heels and check my phone.
  4. I’m excited: I’m on my way to meet with my friends at the mall!
  5. I’m smiling: I’m helping you check your email.​​​​​
  6. I’m so excited!: My heart is pounding, and I can barely keep my seat. Furthermore, I want to run around the room, but I force myself to sit still, so I don’t mess up my ponytail.
  7. I am going to read this book: A comic novel by the comic writer.
  8. He did not like any of these programs: None of them interested him.
  9. This is the person who was responsible for the project: She was in charge of it.
  10. He has never eaten at that restaurant before: They have never eaten there.
  11. She is a pianist: a classically trained, Caucasian female who often plays in a local orchestra.
  12. South Africa has a long history of political unrest: today, its government faces violent protests from citizens demanding change.
  13. The color of blood can be interpreted as powerful or evil: it has been portrayed as the color of life throughout literature.
  14. He recommended that I read this book: A thrilling novel by the fiction writer.
  15. I love food: A lot of people don’t like the taste of chocolate.
  16. I really like music: I’m not too fond of pop music.
  17. The walk during which we saw many animals: horses, deer and sheep.
  18. How to drive a car: the rules of the road.
  19. The items that can be found in an office: computers, printers and fax machines.
  20. A variety of cooking methods: sautéing, baking and steaming and grilling and frying and boiling and poaching and broiling and braising and roasting and pickling.
  21. “I have never met anyone”: Thought, reason or comparison.
  22. “The man you love may not be the man I love”: Simple sentence.
  23. I wake up at 6:00 am every morning: I am an early riser.    
  24. When I was ten, my mother bought me a horse: This gift defined my future.
  25. A woman without her man is nothing: I forgot who said this, but it is true.    
  26. Coherence: the overall coherence is supported by feelings and relationships between sentences and ideas in each sentence.
  27. The United States borders three countries : Mexico, Canada, and Cuba.
  28. The boy stood still: he didn’t know what to do.
  29. The weather: it has been cold and snowy this week.
  30. What she ate: the salad and the orange juice.
  31. List items: green beans, broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes.
  32. Additions to a sentence: well-behaved children, animals which make good pets and bad guys in horror films.
  33. Independent clause: I would like to state that poverty is not an excuse for theft.
  34. I am exhausted : due to lack of sleep.
  35. Brown rice is healthy: rich man can eat it.
  36. On the contrary: Mr. Jones walks on the beach every morning.
  37. There were two shirts: one red and one blue:
  38. The salad dressing has a subtle hint of chilli: a touch of lime, a little soy and a dash of ginger.
  39. The greatest selfie of all time: that’s not a moon, it’s a space station.
  40. Breadcrumbs lead to the truth: if you know where to look.
sentences with colon in themPin
sentences with colon in them

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