Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)Pin

Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to signify ownership or distinction that is often not obvious. Apostrophes are also used for possession and to create contractions.

If you want your writing to be clear and concise, you’ll need to know how to use an apostrophe. It’s a common punctuation mark that’s used in many different ways, depending on the nouns and pronouns it modifies.

Here are 50 example sentences with apostrophes to show possession and contractions.

Sentences with Apostrophes for Possession

  1. They will be arriving next week’s visit.
  2. His wife’s son was now in school.
  3. The brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’s bone.
  4. Lisa’s dog has kittens.
  5. The boys found the woman’s keys.
  6. The manager’s boss is in a bad mood today.
  7. Be careful with her cat’s claws when you hold him.
  8. That’s the dog’s toy.
  9. Her friend Kate’s going to the movies tonight.
  10. I think that you should see your doctor’s office.
  11. We went into Jane’ room to read her books’ titles.
  12. Harry’s writing is used on the restaurant’s menu.
  13. The children’s friends are coming over to play soon.
  14. My nephews’ games are kept in the attic at my mum’s house.
  15. It was only the children’s toys that were damaged in the fire.
  16. Bob and Mona’s house is bigger than mine.
  17. I went to my cousin’s house.
  18. Chris’s bike had a broken chain, so I borrowed Sam’s bike.
  19. The teams’ achievement was great.
  20. My dog’s been buried there for five years now.
  21. The cat’s bowl is empty.
  22. Lisa’s iPod is broken.
  23. We need the car’s insurance.
  24. The parents of that child’s mother.
  25. Did you know his sisters’ names?
  26. It was better than another woman’s story.
  27. I lost my new friend’s car keys.
  28. He just finished his dog’s walk.
  29. They are doing an exercise for this semester’s final exams.
  30. My daughter’s cookies were devoured in a minute or two at the party!

Sentences with Apostrophes for Contractions

  1. I don’t think that woman’s car is an XR4i.
  2. Don’t refer to them as it’s, they’re just its.
  3. The player with broken legs couldn’t play.
  4. Couldn’t James use his cell phone because his battery had gone flat.
  5. I’ll keep my eye on his brother.
  6. If you’re going to be my doctor, I expect you to call me by my first name.
  7. That’s not Kevin’s dog, its Masons.
  8. Let’s see, if we can get there by 11 o’ clock.
  9. I’ll put the dog out when the visitor arrive.
  10. Sally couldn’t come because she had to work for her Mum.
  11. Here’s what I’d like you to do.
  12. I’m very shy around people I’m not familiar with.
  13. There’s a comma after happy hour.
  14. We’ve been invited to a party at their place.
  15. There aren’t many people who really enjoy horseracing, are there?
  16. Whose doesn’t belong to her?
  17. My friend’s going to school next year.
  18. Your mother’s been telling stories about you all day now
  19. She couldn’t find her scarf
  20. It’s hotter than yesterday!
Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)Pin
Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)

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