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79 Example Sentences with Write

These are 79 example sentences using the word ‘write’.

Sentences with Write

  1. Write a letter to your mother and tell her how you’ve been doing.
  2. I like to write stories after work.
  3. Do you prefer to write emails or texts?
  4. I am going to write a letter to my mom today.
  5. The clock is ticking so you should write as fast as possible and type your paper quickly.
  6. Write thank-you notes to your grandparents for the gifts they send you for your birthday.
  7. Write about the birthday party you went to for your sister last weekend.
  8. Write a journal entry about today’s big test at school.
  9. Write down all of your thoughts about how much you like living in your home.
  10. Either write it down right now or lose the idea!
  11. You will not be able to write again later if you do not note it down now.
  12. Write things down immediately so that you do not forget them and so that you do not introduce errors in your writing.
  13. It’s hard to write with a pen.
  14. My favourite time to write is during the summer vacation when there isn’t anything else to do.”
  15. Please write a paragraph describing your partner.
  16. Please write your answer on the test paper.
  17. The president did not think that he should write a speech himself.
  18. The secretary said that she would write to the company to complain about the product.
  19. Early in the morning, write down your thoughts for today.
  20. In the evening, write down what you learnt about yourself today.
  21. Things might be a little more clear for you if you write them down.
  22. The dog ran away when she heard the whistle so I had to write her name on her tag.
  23. My teacher asked me to write my name on the board.
  24. He told me to write a report on many different countries in the world.
  25. Write your opinions in the space provided.
  26. Do you have any paper I can write on?
  27. John would like to write a book about his travels.
  28. We received an invitation to write in the guest book at the museum.
  29. He wanted me to write him a message but he didn’t have any paper.
  30. Sally was asked to write letters during her holiday.
  31. I want you to write a paragraph about the first time you went to the beach.
  32. Please write down what you like to eat.
  33. He didn’t write his intentions to impress, he wrote them to show he was serious.
  34. To write creatively, start from the end.
  35. Here’s how to write a novel in twenty days and publish it on Amazon.
  36. To write an effective advertisement, start with the end in mind, then work your way back to the beginning.
  37. You should write a letter to your teacher today, even if it’s just a short note.
  38. You need to write down your address.
  39. I can write professionally, which shows in the quality of my writing.
  40. You should write like this; I love how you use short sentences.
  41. I write whenever I have time.
  42. We just write what we think on the subject.
  43. I don’t like to write by hand because it takes too long.
  44. I like to write letters to my friends but I never get around to it.
  45. The teachers write on the board with markers.
  46. How many languages can you write?
  47. Lots of people like to write stories and poetry at home.
  48. It is possible to write a great novel if you know the rules of storytelling.
  49. Everyone is able to write a poem, but do not all poems seem equal?
  50. I write magazine articles on weekly basis.
  51. A farmer’s job is to write reports on how his crops are faring.
  52. Write short articles on a regular basis.
  53. Find the time to write each day.
  54. The problem with that is that I need to write five pages.
  55. Write a review of this restaurant.
  56. I really like that place and I write all the time there.
  57. I used to write for them but now I am too busy with other stuff.
  58. People should read more books and write more letters.
  59. With these smart tools, we can write quickly and clearly.
  60. You do not need to write anymore!
  61. Make sure you write down every word they say.
  62. They will have to write a report on improving city traffic every month.
  63. I want to write a book on education.
  64. You should write a letter of complaint to the manager.
  65. He should write down all the things he needs to do today.
  66. We had to write our papers on the topic.
  67. She did not write a very long letter.
  68. The boy knew how to write his name well.
  69. They didn’t have time to write him a reply.
  70. She could write in both English and French fluently.
  71. The first step to writing a novel is to write the first chapter.
  72. I’ve never seen anyone write as fast as she does.
  73. To write a book, you must have an interesting idea.
  74. They should write a letter to the editor.
  75. Are you going to write something on your blog?
  76. We can write to someone with authority, such as the president.
  77. I’ve decided to write a book about some of my memories from childhood.
  78. You will need to write a term paper for this class and you should start early, particularly if it is difficult for you.
  79. Jack writes his name on his test papers, but Mary does not write her name.
Sentences with WritePin
Sentences with Write

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