Reciprocal Pronouns Exercise, Worksheet & SentencesPin

Reciprocal Pronouns Exercise, Worksheet & Sentences

Reciprocal Pronouns

A pronoun used to talk about the mutual relationship is known as a reciprocal pronoun. These kinds of pronouns are used to indicate the mutual act of persons which resulted in some action of the same nature. The action is done between the two or more persons with the same result.

There are two words of reciprocal pronouns. “One another” and “each other”.

Let’s have a look at some examples of reciprocal pronouns.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronoun

Each other is used when we are speaking about two persons or things whereas one another is used in the context of speaking about more than two persons or things.

  1. Julia and Anna promised each other to meet again in the upcoming function.
  2. They exchanged gifts with each other.
  3. The two brothers hated each other.
  4. People should love one another.
  5. We must help one another.

A writer should use a reciprocal pronoun when two or more subjects in the same sentence are also used as objects. Look at the first sentence above where “Julia and Anna” are used as subjects and “each other” as objects.

Reciprocal Pronouns Sentences (50 Examples)

If you have used each other in your writing, perhaps you may have two persons or things in your mind otherwise you can use one another.

  1. We see each other all the time.
  2. They get along with each other well.
  3. The two companies are in direct competition with each other.
  4. The two of us talk to each other all the time.
  5. They are each other‘s biggest fans.
  6. The two companies both need each other to grow.
  7. After our band broke up, we still love each other.
  8. We all have to work together and rely on one another.
  9. The players were fighting with one another.
  10. A cat who lost her brother and sister would grieve for each other.
  11. My wife and I were sitting in a coffee shop when we saw a couple who looked like they loved each other.
  12. The sisters fight with each other a lot.
  13. My brother and I like to prank each other.
  14. The men are always bickering with each other.
  15. The dogs love to play with each other.
  16. They compete with each other in a friendly way.
  17. Both the girls were very mean to each other.
  18. They love one another.
  19. You need to learn to get along with one another.
  20. It is essential that we treat each other with respect.
  21. Get to know one another over a few drinks and maybe a round of cards at the pub tonight.
  22. They support one another.
  23. They are determined to succeed — they inspire one another.
  24. They help one another out.
  25. They compliment one another.
  26. They are in competition with one another.
  27. They make plans together and work together — they help one another to build positive relationships with their families and coworkers.
  28. They take turns entertaining each other.
  29. They do favours for one another.
  30. They rely on each other for different reasons.
  31. They listen to one another.
  32. Bob and Jacob help each other with the work around the house.
  33. Jon, Bob and their friend are helping one another with the work around the house.
  34. They took turns to wash each other‘s cars every weekend.
  35. They gave each other a hand with their homework.
  36. They supported one another emotionally.
  37. They took care of each other when one was tired.
  38. They decided to help each other instead of fighting over the same toy.
  39. They looked after each other when they were sick.
  40. They let each other do whatever they wanted to do.
  41. The teammates help one another out.
  42. The neighbors care for one another.
  43. The students learn from one another.
  44. The brothers are close, and help each other out.
  45. Jon and Alice help each other out in times of need.
  46. The teachers and students in this school are very supportive of one another.
  47. We stayed up all night talking about our favorite books and authors; we learned a lot from each other.
  48. I was able to solve my problem on my own, without any help from my partner or one another.
  49. The two countries are working with each other to improve trade deals.
  50. All the engineers of the company have teamed up with one another to solve the issue.

Reciprocal Pronouns Exercise with Answer

Solve the exercise of reciprocal pronouns by using “each other” or “one another”.

  1. Both the friends help ___________ with heavy lifting.
  2. The couple shares everything, including a bank account, with ___________.
  3. The two groups of friends play games with ___________ at the same time every week.
  4. The members of the board share information and opinions with ___________ regularly.
  5. .They stick up for ___________.
  6. Try hard to not judge ___________.
  7. The members of the group help ___________ out in tough times.
  8. Both friends encourage ___________ to follow their goals.
  9. Be kind to ___________.
  10. “John and I had a great time; we enjoyed ___________’s company.


  1. each other
  2. each other
  3. each other
  4. one another
  5. one another
  6. one another
  7. one another
  8. each other
  9. one another
  10. each other

Reciprocal Pronoun Worksheet

Which sentence uses a reciprocal pronoun correctly?

Bot the brothers love each other dearly.Correct
Julia and Tina are interested in one another’s hobbies and lives.
Do you like each other?
The neighbors are looking after one another‘s pets while they’re on vacation.
Teams succeed when all players support each other.
Both the team relies on each other to get to the final.
Reciprocal Pronoun Worksheet


  1. Correct
  2. Incorrect. (Julia and Tina are interested in each other‘s hobbies and lives.)
  3. Correct (here two persons are supposed)
  4. Correct
  5. Incorrect (Teams succeed when all players support one another.)
  6. Correct
Reciprocal Pronouns Exercise & ExamplesPin
Reciprocal Pronouns Exercise & Examples

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