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Demonstrative Pronouns (Chart, Uses, Examples & 50 Sentences)

Demonstrative Pronouns

A demonstrative pronoun points to some noun. It is called demonstrative because it points to some noun going before and is used instead of it. For example, this, that, these, those, and such. ‘This’ and ‘that’ are used for singular nouns. ‘These’ and ‘those’ are used for plural nouns.

A demonstrative pronoun is a word used to express something that isn’t actually in the sentence. For example, you could say Frank was a little worried about his new job. But you could also say “he presented a way of thinking to his superiors that made them consider the possibility that he might be able to succeed at his new position”.

If you want to emphasize how much of an emphasis someone’s presence creates, place a demonstrative pronoun in front of the word he/she.

Examine this example: The girl who lives next door is very sweet.
The speaker wants to say that she has a particular girl in mind.

Uses & Functions of Demonstrative Pronouns

These and those are used to refer to things or persons we can see around us. This refers to something near us, in our hand or close. That may refer to something far away from the speaker and it could be visible as in the sky, the distance, or invisible like a ghost.

Generally, we use demonstrative pronouns,

  • To make a statement
  • To emphasize something
  • To point to the noun
  • To introduce a noun
  • Refer to an idea
  • Refer to something or someone
  • Refer to a specific time or person
  • Describe persons and other things – distance or place
  • To introduce a statement about the most important part of the sentence

Some functions of demonstrative pronouns are

  1. Demonstrative pronouns replace nouns
  2. “This” and “these” replace objects close to the listener
  3. “That” and “those” replace objects farther away from the listener.

Examples of Demonstrative Pronoun

  1. This is a book. (This points to the noun ‘a book’)
  2. This book is mine. (This is used as the adjective of the  noun ‘book’)
  3. Who is this? This is my friend. (This introduces the noun ‘my friend’)
  4. That is a good idea. (That refers to the idea already mentioned)
  5. This is what I want to say. (This refers to something you are going to mention)

50 Sentences of Demonstrative Pronouns

Look at some more example sentences

  1. This wasn’t the best book I’ve read.
  2. This is a popular way to eat fish.
  3. This can be done quickly and easily.
  4. This is a useful tool.
  5. This is my restaurant.
  6. This is my favorite book.
  7. This is a delicious sandwich.
  8. This is an amazing movie about Imelda Marcos.
  9. This is the end of the list of my own site.
  10. This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.
  11. This is my new favorite restaurant in the town.
  12. This necklace goes well with this shirt and bracelet
  13. That was relaxing.
  14. That would be a great idea for an art project.
  15. That causes side effects in some people.
  16. That was very fun and exciting for everyone.
  17. I don’t like that man’s attitude at all.
  18. They live in that house,
  19. These are my favorite shoes ever.
  20. These shoes are the most comfortable I have ever worn.
  21. These are my favorite shoes ever.
  22. These grapes are all I need to make a delicious salad.
  23. These tech companies are going to be the biggest one day.
  24. She has these really nice earrings on today.
  25. I think these were a bad idea.
  26. These people are hard-working.
  27. These dogs are very sweet.
  28. These countries are beautiful.
  29. These are just some of the uses for coconut oil.
  30. These sentences are so hard.
  31. These semicolons confuse me.
  32. These pants are comfy.
  33. These shirts are orange.
  34. These shoes are really expensive.
  35. These books are very old.
  36. I like these jeans much more than these other ones.
  37. These fine ladies have made it an essential part of their wardrobe.
  38. These types of locations can be relaxing and re-energizing.
  39. These doctors are all fully trained to diagnose and treat these problems.
  40. You really make these three points come alive with your impressive descriptions.
  41. These products do make life easier, but they are not required to live a happy life.
  42. These are busy times for everyone.
  43. These days many events are canceled due to weather.
  44. The magazine has those pictures on the cover!
  45. I love those flowers!
  46. They sell those oranges for £1 each!
  47. Miguel said that it wasn’t true that those photos were his.
  48. I like those shirts.
  49. Those books are for sale.
  50. What happened to those blue pants?
Demonstrative Pronouns Chart and UsesPin
Demonstrative Pronouns Chart and Uses

Demonstrative Pronoun Exercises with Answers

Fill in the blanks using this. that, these, those.

  1. ___________ shoes are perfect for my cupboard. (this/these)
  2. ___________ shoes go with almost everything in my closet. (this/these)
  3. I wear ___________ clothes when I’m going to a fancy event. (this/these)
  4. ___________ incredible Indian festival has grown in popularity since its very first run. (this/these)
  5. ___________ is one of these events you will never forget. (this/these)
  6. I don’t like ___________ clothes. (that/those)
  7. ___________ is one of these events that really can only be understood in person. (this/these)
  8. This is in ___________ dark days when everyone. (that/those)
  9. I like ___________ shoes. (this/these)
  10. ___________ unexpected additions can cause problems in a design. (this/these)
  11. ___________ days students don’t read the newspaper because they have their own online news sources. (this/these)
  12. He has ___________ kind of job. (that/those)
  13. ___________ rules are fun to follow. (this/these)
  14. ___________ instructions are easy to understand. (this/these)
  15. ___________ foods taste great. (this/these)
  16. We should eat ___________ nuts more often. (this/these)
  17. ___________ are nice flowers. (that/those)
  18. Who are ___________ people? (that/those)
  19. The movie is about ___________ girl. (this/these)
  20. I went to ___________ party with Sally. (that/those)


  1. These
  2. These
  3. These
  4. This
  5. This
  6. those
  7. This
  8. those
  9. these
  10. These
  11. These
  12. that
  13. These
  14. These
  15. These
  16. These
  17. Those
  18. those
  19. this
  20. that

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