adverbs starting with JPin

List of Adverbs Starting with J

List of Adverbs Starting with J with examples


Adverbs Starting with JExamples Sentences
joyfully The teacher joyfully told the students that their performance was excellent.
jointly An older woman and her granddaughter jointly fell prey to the criminals.
jubilantly He jubilantly shared the good news with the whole family.
jaggedly We both noticed the unique jaggedly pattern of swirls in the marble flooring at the museum but then looked away from it.
judiciously Judiciously, the board decided to pay the company an advance.
The child skips judiciously toward the playground.
jokingly John jokingly said he would never let her borrow his car again.
Don’t tease your kids about their grades so jokingly that you shock them.
jarringlyThe small auditorium is brilliantly lit by a row of large wall lights which hang jarringly in front of the seating.
justly Measurements are justly represented across both axes.
The city justly boasts of its fine arts museum.
My grandmother is now justly promoted to vice president for customer service for the region of east Africa.
jealously Her mother jealously guarded Jody. Her brothers were never allowed to play with Jody when she was younger.
Juicily Juicily tomatoes are perfect for you because every bite contains lycopene and vitamin C.
JumpilyJumpily, he ran from terrace to terrace.
just I was just wondering whether you have already cleaned your room.
I wouldn’t have been able to find that store if you hadn’t just told
Just asJust as the situation became critical, I put a competing proposal on the table.
Just as I was heading to the airport, it started to drizzle.
jurisprudentially It was jurisprudentially unconstitutional to deny him the right to an appeal.
The company has warned all jurisprudentially vulnerable clients of a potential decline in interest rates during or after the global economic recovery period.
juristically The property developer is entering the Queensland market, claiming their juristically packaged design will set them ahead of the competition by 20%.
As juristically correct as it may sound, the accused cannot be sentenced without a formal charge.


  1. Jadedly
  2. Jaggedly
  3. Jarringly
  4. Jealously
  5. Jeeringly
  6. Jerkily
  7. Jestingly
  8. Jocosely
  9. Jocular
  10. Jointly    
  11. Jokingly  
  12. Jollily
  13. Jolly
  14. Joltingly
  15. Jovially
  16. Joyfully
  17. Joylessly
  18. Joyously
  19. Jubilantly
  20. Judicially
  21. Judiciously 
  22. Juicily
  23. Jumpily
  24. Jurisprudentially
  25. Juristically
  26. Jinglingly
  27. Jarringly
  28. Just
  29. Just as
  30. Just now
  31. Justifiably
  32. Justly
  33. Judgmatically
adverbs starting with JPin
adverbs starting with J

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