Relative Pronouns Chart and ExamplesPin

Relative Pronouns Chart and Examples

Relative Pronouns

A relative pronoun introduces a clause. It refers to some noun going before and also joins two sentences together. It does the work of conjunction as well as a pronoun. A word such as ‘who’ or ‘which’ that introduces a relative clause, is called a relative pronoun. More relative pronouns include whom, whose, that, whoever, whomever.

For example:

This is the boy who recites the Holy book


When it is a relative pronoun, who is used to say something about a person, and not about animals or lifeless things.

Example: The man who lives next door is a teacher.

That & Which

That and which are used to start a relative clause which tells us something about an animal or a lifeless thing. For example: The train which reach Edenburg in the morning are late for some reasons.

‘Which’ and not ‘that’ is used after preposition:

The train in which we travelled was a fast one.


Whose is used to show possession, ownership or the relation between two people. Sometimes it can be used after persons. For example: This is the man whose son won the championship.


Whom is used as the object of a relative clause. For example, “the boy whom you met yesterday is my class-fellow”.

However, whom cannot be omitted in sentences like this:

This is my teacher, whom all the students respect very much.

Relative Pronouns Chart

For personsWhoWhom/whoWhose
For thingsWhichWhichWhose/of which
Relative Pronouns Chart

Relative Pronouns Examples

  1. The teacher, which is very helpful, told us to use the dictionary.
  2. The boy who is standing over there is his brother.
  3. I will get my coffee with whom? With her colleagues.
  4. Do not leave your papers on that table where people walk by
  5. It is the sort of style that appeals to me
  6. The woman whom I saw at the bus stop was very angry.
  7. The woman with whom I have a lot in common always wears earrings.
  8. There was no bus for which we were waiting.
  9. There is a puppy whose name I do not know.
  10. The man who lives next door is tall.
Relative Pronouns Chart and ExamplesPin
Relative Pronouns Chart and Examples

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