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Essay on Leadership: What Makes A Leader?

The world needs leaders with moral integrity who are committed to the greater good. Leadership is about setting a vision, supporting others in achieving it, and holding individuals accountable for their commitments. It takes courage to lead by example. This essay revolves around leaders and leadership skills.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the process of influencing others, to accomplish a goal. The ultimate goal of leadership is to motivate and inspire people to work together to achieve something extraordinary.

Leadership is about aligning the team’s skills, knowledge, experience and personality traits with the company’s needs. It’s about operating in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Leadership requires skillful communication, empathy, emotional intelligence and insightfulness.

Leaders should always set an example by showing honesty, integrity, compassion and humility; they should also be equipped with an understanding of what it takes to build trust with other people. Without trust there can be no collaboration, which is essential for any successful organization.

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills?

Study the culture of the company. Some companies use apprenticeship-style training. The goal is to give you real work experience while teaching you how to lead.

Use your abilities to get things done. Yes, you are a great engineer or researcher. Do something about it. Give your boss a challenge and put your money where your mouth is.

Give meaningful feedback. There’s no point in mentoring a junior employee if you don’t give constructive criticism. An effective leader is generous with praise and constructive feedback.

Write down the ways you can improve your organization. In your leadership role, you need to be approachable and transparent. Don’t criticize individuals but encourage people to take responsibility for their work.

What Makes A Good Leader?

Henderson Library has always had a strong board of directors. This gives each board member their own leadership role. These roles change with each new board and each board in turn will develop its own style.

The characteristics that make a good leader include:

  • Time Management: Being able to manage multiple tasks and commitments that will bring success for the organization and your role as a leader.
  • Engagement: Being open to change and flexible in pursuing ideas that help to meet needs or expectations.
  • Support: Being able to express your own personal opinions, and supporting others in their decisions.
  • Communication: Being approachable and communicating with those who do not interact with you face-to-face, from other leaders in the organization to clients and constituents.

The Importance of Courage

When you show courage and be willing to work through personal pain, you’re more likely to build a relationship with people who want to help you succeed.

Consider starting a conversation about challenges or obstacles and see what you can do to remove the obstacles that will make your business thrive.

Building a connection is important for your business. Have a personal relationship with those that will work for you, whether they’re buying your product or service, becoming your customer, or renting from you.

How to Lead Your Team

When leading your team you must work as a team. Some people thrive in team environments, while others are naturally more independent. Find a way for your team to work best together, and to help each other accomplish their objectives.

And remember that being a leader is a commitment to yourself, not to your team. How to be a good leader like you said, leadership is about setting a vision, helping others to accomplish it, and holding others accountable to their commitments.

You may think that being a leader is as simple as getting people to follow you around. The truth is, leadership is much more than that. Embrace your job as a leader. You are helping to shape the direction of your company. When you think of that, it helps to build your confidence and self-esteem.


Leadership is not something that can be learned. It’s something that you are born with or not born with, just like blue eyes or brown hair.

Leadership is the ability to influence people and lead them in the right direction. It can be a powerful force to unite people and create change, but it’s also challenging to define leadership in concrete terms.

essay on leadershipPin
essay on leadership

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