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Indefinite Pronouns with Examples, List & Chart

Indefinite Pronoun

We use indefinite pronouns when we want to refer to people or things without saying exactly who or what they are. It is used to mention unspecified things or persons is called an ‘Indefinite Pronoun”.

Indefinite pronouns are anybody, everybody, nobody, somebody, anyone, everyone, no-one, someone, anything, everything, nothing, something, and few. The pronouns ending in “body” and “one” refer to people, and those ending in “thing” refer to things.

It can be hard to determine which indefinite pronoun to choose when talking about something that might happen in the future. When determining which pronouns to use, it might help to think about how you would want something to happen.

The indefinite pronoun is sometimes used as a conjunction, though it’s not standard in English. Due to confusion over when to use it, people often think the indefinite pronoun refers to something that will be forever. But that’s not what everyone thinks it means.

Indefinite Pronoun with Examples

  1. You can invite anybody to the party. (We do not know exactly who these people are).
  2. Everyone knows it. (The indefinite pronoun “everyone’’ as the subject, takes a singular verb, even though it refers to more than one person)
  3. Anyone knows that he is in trouble. (‘Anyone’ is used as the subject)
  4. I have not given anyone their presents yet. (‘Anyone’ is used as the object).

Some more examples of indefinite pronouns are as fellows:

  1. One should do one’s duty.
  2. There is some tea in the teapot.
  3. All is well that ends well.
  4. Nobody came to see him.
  5. Can anybody solve this sum?
  6. Somebody is coming to us.
  7. Few of the teachers were present.

Indefinite Pronouns Chart

Indefinite Pronouns
for Persons
Indefinite Pronouns
for Place
Indefinite Pronouns
for Things
EverywhereEverythingEveryone must eat, drink and breathe.
One can start a business anywhere.
I do not like everything.
AnywhereAnythingAnybody can improve their English.
Anyone can do it.
Anyone can do their business anywhere.
SomewhereSomethingSomeone is singing my favorite song.
Somebody loves me.
Somewhere, a lark is singing.
NowhereNothingNobody has to know what you did on your lunch break.
Nothing is right or wrong.
Anywhere is nowhere until you get there.

Indefinite Pronouns List

Here is the list of indefinite pronouns. These can be singular or plurals. The bold words are used as plural.

  • Anybody
  • Anyone
  • Anywhere
  • Anything
  • Somebody
  • Something
  • Someone
  • Somewhere
  • Everybody
  • Everyone
  • Everything
  • Everywhere
  • Another
  • Less
  • Little
  • Some
  • None
  • Much
  • Nothing
  • All (Plural)
  • Both
  • Fewer
  • Many
  • Others
  • Several

Indefinite Pronouns Sentences

  1. Anyone can be a better writer by writing these examples of listicles.
  2. Anybody who wants to be successful can learn from this example.
  3. I see the new software is working well for anyone working in shipping.
  4. No one knows when the project will start.
  5. Someone must have left the door open or the window open or the window down because anyone could get in or it was windy outside.
  6. Anyone can learn here.
  7. Wherever you are, you can start now.
  8. Everyone improves all the time, no matter what they do.
  9. Everywhere is a good place to start.
  10. No one likes failure or being bored.
  11. There is no such thing as a perfect anyone.
  12. Anyone can do anything.
  13. Anybody can get along with anybody.
  14. Anytime is a good time.
  15. None of this matters.
  16. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.
  17. Anybody can speak Spanish if stays focused.
  18. Anywhere seems like home when the people are the same.
  19. Somebody somewhere is an expert in this particular subject.
  20. Somewhere out there on the web exists a great piece of information that will help you with your essay.
  21. Whoever wants to know something certainly can find documents or articles on the internet that help him.
  22. Someone is knocking at the door.
  23. Somewhere in Berlin, there is a boy.
  24. Someone is playing the guitar.
  25. Somebody left a note on the door.
  26. There’s no point to look for someone.
  27. Nobody knows my name.
  28. Something was on the table.
  29. I thought she was someone I knew.
  30. This is not my day or week or month of birth.
  31. Somebody left the cake out in the rain.
  32. Somebody calls me on the telephone.
  33. Somebody is knocking at the door.
  34. Somebody will come to our home tonight.
  35. Anywhere is nowhere until you get there.
  36. I want to tell you about someone who has made a difference in my life and I`m not afraid that somebody has already said that these things before me.
  37. He should do something about it.
  38. The task would be better suited for someone else.
  39. It’s just not fair to somebody.
  40. The man was able to make it to somewhere less hostile.
  41. Someone shouldn’t have done that.
  42. There is nowhere I’d rather be right now.
  43. Nobody knows how to run this company anymore.
Indefinite Pronouns with Examples, List & ChartPin
Indefinite Pronouns with Examples, List & Chart

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