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Quantifier Pronoun Examples and Definition

What is Quantifier Pronoun?

Quantifier pronoun is used to talk about the quantity of something which can be countable or uncountable. For example, a bit, all, any, both either, enough, many, more, most, some, none, plenty, etc.

Quantifier pronoun determines the noun in the sentence. Learning how each type of pronoun functions will help you better understand how they work in sentences and paragraphs. There are two types of quantifier pronouns: indefinite and definite. The indefinite quantifier pronoun “some” can be used as both an adjective or adverb, while the definite quantifier pronoun “each” must always be used as either an adjective or adverb.

Quantifiers also have specific definitions when they are paired with other words like numbers, adjectives, and prepositions; it’s important to know these meanings so that you can use them correctly in your writing.

Here are some examples of quantifier pronouns to make things clearer.

Examples of Quantifier pronouns

  1. Can you wait a bit for him?
  2. How many batches you have to need for your labor? All of them.
  3. Do you find that Maria gets a lot of homework? No not, she gets hardly any.
  4. There are two hotels in the town. Both are described as expensive.
  5. Which color of cloth do you like to wear, green or blue. I don’t like either
  6. I need money to purchase this house. There is not enough in my account.
  7. As many as 100 people believed to have died in the collapse of two trains.
  8. My mom cooked rice for me. I have eaten a lot.
  9. We have eaten few pieces of cake.
  10. You have already drunk many cups of milk.
  11. I have already eaten some meat and some chicken.
  12. I have read several books.
  13. Everyone in the class has their own opinion.
  14. Some people believe more in evolution than creationism.
  15. Some people travel to work by car, some by bike or on foot
  16. The students in the class participated in painting contest. Each of them made a wonderful painting.
  17. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  18. Some people like to spend their vacations at home, many love to travel.
Quantifier Pronoun (Examples and Definition)Pin
Quantifier Pronoun (Examples and Definition)

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