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Adverbs Starting with W (List & Example Sentences)

List of Adverbs Starting with W and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with WExample Sentences
weirdly Did you hear a weirdly confused message on illegal immigration?
warmly The house was warmly decorated for the arrival of the guests.
wildly Amanda spent wildly during vacation in Paris, France. 
wanlyWanly said that she wanted to go to sleep now.
wackily Strollers have become increasingly wackily designed as parents try to keep up with the latest trends in children’s fashion.
The so-called leaders of the party have been wackily avoiding the questions.
waggishly The waggishly perfect toy will keep your dog at the top of its game with a bit of help from you.
Maria is waggishly referred to as a ‘European’ in the program.
Our workmates are waggishly and wantonly gossiping about the missing office supplies.
wantonly They allowed their free-roaming chickens to mess wantonly around the farmhouse.
Wantonly tossing their magic-infused hair, the two witches screamed in the night.
Yawning wantonly and fixing her tights, Donna got out of bed.
The company’s productivity has never been higher as its officers are laboriously and wantonly working hard on increasing their sales.
waspishly He threatened to retaliate against her rudeness with an ironic twist waspishly.
These waspishly succulent plants thrive in weak windy conditions.
watchfully She had a happy, healthy, watchfully balanced diet regimen consisting of eating locally grown and organic foods at least once per day.
WeaklyWas he watchfully guarding his secret, or was his conduct weakly careless?
wastefully Your wastefully nourished skills are imparted wisely and late by those who wastefully learn them?
You ask a lot of wastefully unimportant questions.
Wetly Wetly painted walls won’t look good for very long.
warily It was the longest sentence I had ever read; it warily ran to more than a page.
She warily approached the potentially dangerous situation and began by talking to her son, who was thought to be involved in the robbery incident.
Warily looking left then right, Tom surveyed his surroundings.
westerly The whole of the mountain was westerly to her as she holidayed on the beach yesterday.
The wind continued to blow westerly for the next few days.
In westerly winds, we can expect drizzle and a decrease in temperatures. 
Wearily Wearily awaits the first big summer blockbusters of the year, but until then, fans of the franchise will have to settle with the weekly news on casting.
Her head wearily bobbed up and down as if it was too heavy to hold up.
wheresoeverThey would act as she ordered, wheresoever.
Whence Whence came you?
wonderfully Most people nowadays wear wonderfully designed shoes that make them feel significantly dressed.
Wonderfully our new sales platform is much better than before, and we see a significant increase in sales.
wheezily All I do is wheezily leave it all in your hands.
Wherefore Wherefore the payment can be made. 
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
I don’t really know wherefore I’m apologizing—my dog just bit him, and there’s blood everywhere.
Wherever Wherever I walk, I am sure to meet people.
Wherever have you been?
Whatever Whatever experience you have, we’re looking for bright, hardworking, and energetic individuals.
Whatever your goal is, start with why.
Wholesale Wholesale grocers buy soda in large quantities.
Wholesale prices are lower in a warehouse grocery store.
Wholesale vegetables are sold much cheaper than vegetables sold at retail grocery stores.
wholly It looks like she is wholly committed to this relationship.
whole The cafe sold whole sandwiches in to-go boxes.
wholesomeYou are a bold man; it is hardly wholesome because it would make an older man of me.
Wholesome products, such as eggs and meat, are precisely what the customer wants.
wholely Kwame was wholely devoted to caring for her mother after her dad died.
WiselyWisely, they all brought their rain boots.
Wisely we all decided to stop at that point as the sea was too rough to continue.
wishfully Wishfully thinking he would notice her in a sea of beautiful girls.
Sorry, but I wishfully can’t make it to your party tonight.
Although I wishfully believed the cat was okay, I knew it wouldn’t be.
Wishfully I had thought it might be possible, but it turned out I was wrong.
woefully We were woefully unprepared for the final exam.
Woefully my proofreader made some mistakes in the editing process, so I had to fire him.
She is woefully lacking some funds, so much that she could barely afford day-old bread.
Adverbs Starting with W

List (65 Words)

  1. Wackily
  2. Waggishly
  3. Wanly
  4. Wantonly
  5. Warily
  6. Warmly    
  7. Waspishly
  8. Wastefully
  9. Watchfully
  10. Weakly
  11. Wealthily
  12. Wearily
  13. Weekly
  14. Weightily
  15. Weirdly
  16. Well
  17. Westerly
  18. Wetly
  19. Whacking
  20. Whatever
  21. Wheezily
  22. Whence
  23. Wherefore
  24. Wherever
  25. Whimsically
  26. Whitely
  27. Whole
  28. Wholesale
  29. Wholesomely
  30. Wholly
  31. Whopping
  32. Wickedly
  33. Widely
  34. Widespread
  35. Wildly
  36. Willfully
  37. Willingly
  38. Willy
  39. Windily
  40. Winsomely
  41. Wisely
  42. Wishfully
  43. Wistfully
  44. Withal
  45. Witheringly
  46. Wittily
  47. Wittingly
  48. Woefully
  49. Wolfishly
  50. Wonderfully
  51. Wonderingly
  52. Wondrously
  53. Woodenly
  54. Wordily
  55. Wordlessly
  56. Worriedly
  57. Worryingly
  58. Worthily
  59. Worthlessly
  60. Wrathfully
  61. Wretchedly
  62. Wrongfully
  63. Wrongheadedly
  64. Wrongly
  65. Wryly
adverbs starting with WPin
adverbs starting with W

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