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Interrogative Adjective (Interrogative Determiners)

An interrogative adjective (also called an interrogative determiner) is a word that functions as an adjective, typically in questions, and asks for information about the noun it modifies. For example,

Which park do you go?

(In this sentence, “which” is interrogative adjective and modifies the noun “park” to ask a question)

Following words are used as interrogative adjectives:

  • What
  • Which
  • Whose

These words are not used as comparative adjectives. “What” is used to ask simple questions, “which” is used with nouns to ask specific questions. Don’t confuse the word “whose” with “who’s”. Both are different in meaning and use. Whose shows possession while who’s meaning “who is” or “who has”.

See this example,

  • Whose car is this? (Correct)
  • Who’s car is this? (Incorrect)

Interrogative Adjective Examples

  1. Which apartment do you live in?
  2. Which pen do you have?
  3. Which coffeemaker do you use?
  4. Whose files are lying on the table?
  5. Which topic would you like to discuss?
  6. What color are your eyes?
  7. Whose car damaged in the accident?
  8. What jacket are you wearing?
  9. Which table would you like to buy?
  10. Whose shirt were you wearing yesterday?
  11. Which bike did you choose for the race?
  12. I saw a black furred small animal in the forest. Which animal was that?

Interrogative Adjective Vs Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative adjective is word modifies the nouns and to ask the question while interrogative pronouns are used to ask the question. These do not modify the nouns. However, usage of words which, what, whose is different in both cases.


  • What question did you ask? (Interrogative Adjective)
  • What is the question? (Interrogative Pronoun)
Interrogative AdjectivePin
Interrogative Adjective

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