simple present tense worksheets with answersPin

Simple Present Tense Worksheets with Answers

Simple Present Tense Worksheets with Answers

The simple present tense is one of the most commonly used in verb tenses. It is used to express an action that is routine, repeated, or may state some facts.

Write down negative and question sentences against each affirmative sentence.

Affirmative SentencesNegative SentencesQuestion Sentences
Jacob writes an email to his friend.Jacob does not write an email to his friend.Does Jacob write an email to his friend?
Tom plays with cats.Tom does not play with cats.Does tom play with cats?
They work together.They do not work together.Do they work together?
It rains every summer.It does not rain every summer.Does it rain every summer?
Tom and Bob live in Lake View Colony.Tom and Bob do not live in Lake View Colony.Do Tom and Bob live in Lake View Colony?
She likes cookies and chocolates.She does not like cookies and chocolate.Does she like cookies and chocolates?
simple present tense worksheets with answersPin
simple present tense worksheets with answers

Write down the answer of each sentence.

  1. She (eat) two egg whites daily. ( eats )
  2. Junk food (destroy) health. ( destroys )
  3. Jacob (like) fresh fruits. ( likes )
  4. Emma (read) a novel every month. ( reads )
  5. They (study) in a group. ( study )
  6. He (go) out just now. ( goes )
  7. I do not (agree) your proposal. ( agree )
  8. Does Jon (walk) half an hour daily? ( walk )
  9. She (drink) coffee every night. ( drinks )
  10. I (love) to read fiction books. ( love )

simple present tense worksheetPin
simple present tense worksheet

Identify the simple present tense

  1. He goes to the gym every day.
  2. He is going to the gym daily.
  3. He has gone to the gym.

Answer: Option – 1

  1. He did not like coffee.
  2. He does not like coffee.
  3. He will not like coffee.

Answer: Option – 2

  1. Was he performing his duty?
  2. Will he perform his duty?
  3. Does he perform his duty?

Answer: Option – 3

  1. They walk on foot.
  2. They walked on foot.
  3. They will walk on foot.

Answer: Option – 1

  1. I am taking exercise.
  2. I will take exercise.
  3. I take exercise.

Answer: Option – 3

worksheet of simple present tensePin
worksheet of simple present tense

Download Simple Present Tense Worksheets pdf

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