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Sentences with Past Perfect (Affirmative, Negative & Interrogative)

65 example sentences with past perfect (affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences).

Sentences with Past Perfect

Affirmative Sentences

  1. I had decided to buy a new car.
  2. She had studied hard for the test.
  3. She had told him the secret.
  4. I had slept enough, so I was caffeinated enough to wake up early in order to get my work done by noon.
  5. They had driven around for hours.
  6. You had driven me in your car, and I was feeling rather hungry and thirsty when we stopped.
  7. We had gone to Italy before we visited Greece.
  8. The teacher had explained it three times before we understood.
  9. I had already read the book.
  10. Henry had finished eating by the time his wife arrived.
  11. Mary knew Henry well; she had worked with him in their old office in New York City.
  12. Before he bought the ring, he had researched it thoroughly on-line.
  13. It was easy to read by this time because I had learned all my letters.
  14. I wondered if I had made a mistake in sending the letter to Jim instead of John.
  15. They had sacked one manager, hired another and bought a new bus by the beginning of January.
  16. I had already eaten when I came home from work.
  17. He had taken the test before asking for help.
  18. I had left by the time our friends arrived.
  19. The teachers had already gone home by the time we left school.
  20. They had seen that movie twice before we went to see it also.
  21. She had lived in Ottawa for 9 months.
  22. Kate had been in a car accident on Saturday.
  23. Farouk had established his shop for several years when he started to sell his work online.
  24. He had already signed the contract when his application arrived.
  25. Matthew had refused to take charge of the chore section in the school play.
  26. He had parked the car in the driveway for two days.
  27. My parents had missed an important meeting after waiting nearly half an hour for their cousin to take them there.
  28. The strike had closed most companies by the time I finished work.
  29. Before we arrived in Canada, we had taken a flight from Oman to Dubai and then another flight from Dubai to Toronto.
  30. I had seen that movie 5 times.

Negative Sentences

  1. I had never seen anything like it before.
  2. We had never seen such a beautiful sunset.
  3. I had never seen it before.
  4. I had not finished my homework before she arrived.
  5. She had not seen the movie before.
  6. I had never eaten pizza before I went to Italy.
  7. George had not considered becoming a truck driver until he met Bobby, his future employer.
  8. I had never seen such a big spider.
  9. She had not studied for the exam and realized she still did not know it.
  10. I had never tasted something like it.
  11. It was the first time she had not seen him in many years.
  12. They were afraid we had never come back.
  13. I had never seen anyone eat so much.
  14. I had never studied history up to that point.
  15. He had not edited the document.
  16. They had not lived in the neighborhood for decades before moving away.
  17. I had not eaten dinner when she turned up.
  18. I had not finished my homework before you came.
  19. Sandra had not eaten 3 sandwiches before her friend went to the shop.
  20. Tom had not reached home when the bell rang.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Had you finished your homework when she arrived?
  2. Where had he put his glasses? 
  3. Had you known him very long?
  4. Had we visited that place several times?
  5. Had he started the project before we arrived?
  6. Had they taken many photographs by the time I woke up?
  7. Had she shown her friends her room when we got there?
  8. Had all of them eaten their dinner?
  9. Had I tried everything to lose my weight, but I couldn’t do that?
  10. Had I played ten golf matches before I discovered the best way to get par on any hole?
  11. Had they been friends for a long time?
  12. Had everyone gone when the phone rang?
  13. Had we asked the teacher numerous times before she explained it?
  14. Had the dog already eaten his dinner when I gave him a bone?
  15. Had the baby cried itself to sleep by the time we got home?

Sentences with Past PerfectPin
Sentences with Past Perfect

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