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Interrogative Adverb Example Sentences, Types & Worksheet

What is an interrogative adverb?

An interrogative adverb is a word that asks a question. Some common interrogative adverbs are how, where, when, and why.

  • When is the party?
  • Where is your house?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Why did he do that?

Do not confuse the interrogative adverb with interrogative pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns are used to ask questions. They can be used to refer to people or things. The most common interrogative pronouns are who, whom, what, which, and whose. Here are some examples of how these pronouns can be used:

  • Who is that?
  • Who did you see?
  • Whom should I call?
  • What is that noise?
  • Which way should I go?
  • Whose books are these?

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Interrogative Adverb Examples (30 Sentences)

  1. Why did you go to the store?
  2. When will the party start?
  3. How often do you work out?
  4. Why are you so tired?
  5. How long have you been waiting?
  6. When can I see you again?
  7. How did it go today?
  8. Why don’t you call me?
  9. When are you coming over?
  10. How much longer do I have to wait?
  11. When should I arrive?
  12. How are you feeling?
  13. Why did you do that?
  14. Where are you from?
  15. When is your birthday?
  16. How much money do you have?
  17. Why are you so quiet?
  18. Where should we put the new desk?
  19. How will we know if it was effective?
  20. Why did she leave so early?
  21. When can I see you again?
  22. Where do you think this came from?
  23. How did that happen?
  24. Why are you doing this?
  25. How long will it take?
  26. When can I expect the results?
  27. When are you going to finish that project?
  28. Why did she do that?
  29. How much money do you have?
  30. Where is your house?
  31. When will the party start?
  32. Where is the party being held?
  33. How many people are expected to attend?
  34. Why was the party moved to a different location?
  35. Where is the new location for the party?
  36. Why wasn’t a venue booked sooner?
Interrogative Adverb ExamplesPin
Interrogative Adverb Examples

Interrogative Adverb Types

This table will show you types of interrogative adverbs. The example of each type is also given.

Interrogative Adverb of ReasonWhy did she leave?
Interrogative Adverb of PlaceWhere is the meeting taking place?
Interrogative Adverb of TimeWhen will the meeting start?
Interrogative Adverb of MannerHow quickly will you respond?
Interrogative Adverb of AmountHow much will it cost to attend the party?
Interrogative Adverb of QuantityHow many apples have you eaten?

Interrogative Adverb Worksheet

  1. How long will the meeting last?
  2. Why was the decision made?
  3. When did this happen?
  4. Where are they going?
  5. How are they getting there?
  6. When will it be delivered?
  7. Where should I put this?
  8. How can I fix this?
  9. Why didn’t he call me back?
  10. When will it snow again?
  11. Where are you from originally?
  12. When will final preparations be complete?
  13. Where should guests park their cars?
  14. How can people attend the party?
  15. Why wasn’t everyone invited to the party?
Interrogative Adverb WorksheetPin
Interrogative Adverb Worksheet


  1. How
  2. Why
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. How
  6. When
  7. Where
  8. How
  9. Why
  10. When
  11. Where
  12. When
  13. Where
  14. How
  15. Why

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