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50 Example Sentences using Jaded

Jaded is a verb that means you are tired and bored of something. For example:
‘Mike never gets excited about anything anymore, he’s really jaded.‘ Here are 50 example sentences using jaded.

Example Sentences using Jaded

  1. The company was jaded by years of fruitless research and experimentation.
  2. We were all tired and jaded from the seven day trek through the woods.
  3. I am feeling really jaded by the thought of taking another test.
  4. It was so lovely to be back in a jaded airport.
  5. The only thing more jaded than the old town is my aunt’s holiday snaps.
  6. Alex looked quite shiny from last night’s party but now he looked absolutely jaded.
  7. My goodness, you are rather jaded today.
  8. I can’t believe you’re so jaded! It seems you have lost all hope in humanity!”
  9. Her excitement was almost jaded.
  10. He always had a slightly jaded outlook.
  11. The movie really lacked any depth, the villain was far too one dimensional, and the ending was jaded.
  12. Are yoy jaded with politicians who do not deliver what they promise?
  13. They are jaded by politicians’ promises to improve state education over the past 20 years.
  14. They seemed a little jaded to me.
  15. Their reunion was sadly jaded.
  16. Jaded experiences had soured him.
  17. She had become jaded with her job.
  18. The jaded ballerina hoped to one day dance in freedom.
  19. The jaded politician craved a return to higher principles.
  20. He sang the song jadedly.
  21. She’s been jaded by her failed marriage.
  22. I don’t think they were very jaded considering they were up until 4am partying.
  23. They didn’t seem to be very jaded. Maybe the trip was a good idea after all?
  24. Jaded eyes stand in stark contrast to the pure glittering snow around them, I thought you would appreciate that image.
  25. The choreography seemed pretty jaded to me.
  26. She believed he had been jading her.
  27. I had been around the block a few times, so I was jaded .
  28. He was jaded by the politics of the business.
  29. She is almost too jaded for surprise.
  30. I can’t be upset about losing her. She’s jaded and she doesn’t care.
  31. The suspect was a jaded old man who saw no point in helping the police.
  32. Those who claim they’re jaded about life will never be.
  33. She gave me a jaded smile.
  34. She said the family was jaded by the media’s incessant attention.
  35. “We are not jaded. We want to be back in business as soon as possible”, Tupper said.
  36. The dramatic news conference only further jaded reporters, now used to outlandish statements from Trump.
  37. I’m just jaded with the whole thing, not you!
  38. I’m tired of hearing that. It’s been jaded too often for me to take it seriously.
  39. The children were jaded by the strict school policies.
  40. She was jaded by the abuse she suffered through her childhood.
  41. Sad experiences have made me jaded about life.
  42. Soon, my family members will be jaded from my constant moodiness and negativity.
  43. I can’t be jaded because people always tell me that our relationship is far from hopeless.
  44. I have to have my coffee with cream and sugar because I’m so jaded by the fact that I don’t have a coffee maker.
  45. You can’t be too jaded for love, she says as she warms up to the idea of slumming with him again.
  46. Jaded people are bitter.
  47. You can avoid some of the jaded attitudes.
  48. I think that the train will be delayed today – it always is, and we’ve been jaded.
  49. If you are jaded, you are cynical or complaining all the time.
  50. People who are characterized as jaded tend to be cynical and distrustful.
50 Example Sentences using JadedPin
50 Example Sentences using Jaded

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