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41 Example Sentences with Furthermore

We use “furthermore” to add strength and point to our sentences. Here are 41 example sentences with furthermore.

Sentences with Furthermore

  1. The weather was alright, furthermore the sun was shining.
  2. Furthermore, they will also receive a 5% discount if they buy more than two cars in one color.
  3. Furthermore, I’m sure that an enemy agent intercepted the message to us!
  4. The school board has not responded as such to the allegations. Furthermore, the public is also getting concerned.
  5. Furthermore, the new initiative shows a growing interest in green issues by the government.
  6. If you have any questions, please contact us, and furthermore, our customer service team works 7 days a week.
  7. She likes to play basketball, furthermore, she enjoys watching it on TV.
  8. I have a cat, furthermore I have a rabbit.
  9. Zara has gone for a holiday with her friends, furthermore, she is going backpacking in Europe next spring.
  10. Furthermore, they are easy to use for both kids and parents alike.
  11. Furthermore, people with mental illness often do not know how they arrived at this point.
  12. Furthermore, the game was created for more than half the price of overseas products of similar quality.
  13. Plants are important to us, and furthermore, these can be used to make paper.
  14. My friends and I were devastated by the shocking news, and furthermore, we were worried about Jack’s well-being.
  15. I came back from my vacation on Tuesday and furthermore, I am planning on going out with my friends this Friday.
  16. Everyone made fun of the movie but furthermore it won two Oscars this year.
  17. I got a job, furthermore I’ll start it tomorrow.
  18. Furthermore, this trend raises concern because it could lead to higher prices down the road.
  19. Today everyone uses mobile devices to access the web. Furthermore, it is clear that children are given mobile phones so they can keep in contact with their parents when they are not at home.
  20. Furthermore, I’m sure no parent would give their child a mobile without having kept firm control over how much time the child spends on the phone.
  21. This hair style will not flatter you at all, and furthermore if your hair is too curly then this hairstyle will just not work on you.
  22. Furthermore, some people see the world in black and white while others see it in color.
  23. Furthermore, I had some leftover chicken in the fridge for dinner.
  24. Furthermore, I made a smoothie for lunch with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and yoghurt.
  25. Furthermore, the grocery store had the best prices this week on chicken.
  26. Furthermore, I believe that complex sentences are more appropriate in academic style.
  27. Furthermore, this paper argues that complex sentences are appropriate when writing academic essays.
  28. Furthermore, complex sentences are more appropriate in academic texts than simple sentences.
  29. Furthermore, in addition to this , complex sentences give more information in shorter space.
  30. Furthermore, these topics will be covered in greater detail later in the paper .
  31. She has connections in Portugal, furthermore she is fluent in Portuguese.
  32. The polyhedron has six sides, furthermore these sides are flat and alike.
  33. Furthermore, the court shall consider the following factors before deciding to terminate parental rights.
  34. Because of these exciting opportunities, furthermore, there is no need for you to be glued to your desk, hunched over your computer screen.
  35. Furthermore, he has mentored hundreds of lawyers who practiced in his law firm.
  36. Furthermore, look at this comparison between different degrees of artisanship.
  37. Furthermore, I identified that the method was not producing any workable results.
  38. Furthermore, I realized that I have a lot going on education-wise during the next month.
  39. Furthermore, whoever wrote this report better go back and rewrite it because you can’t call a piece of work garbage and think anyone is going to take you seriously.
  40. I want a job with growth potential. Furthermore, the pay needs to be competitive and we need flexibility in scheduling.
  41. I want a job where I can keep learning and take on new responsibilities. Furthermore, I need to be able to get around town and my pay needs to be competitive.
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example sentences with furthermore

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