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Essay on Corruption: Causes & its Effects

The term “corruption” can refer to both individual acts of dishonesty or fraud as well as systemic issues like bribery. There are many symptoms of corruption, but it can be difficult to identify its root causes. Corruption thrives on secrecy and the absence of accountability. This essay on corruption will explore the causes of corruption and its overall effect.

What is corruption?

The word corruption has a number of synonyms. These describe the way that corruption can take different forms, ranging from small to large, and the effects it can have on all aspects of life.

A corrupt act includes an attempted or actual breach of the law, but the crime is committed to further personal advantage or gain for the perpetrator or corruptible person.

Corruption is now thought to be one of the most significant challenges facing our societies today. It contributes to poverty and lack of opportunity by creating barriers that prevent individuals from being able to access services, support networks, benefits and other opportunities that are available to others who are not corrupt.

Corruption can be done legally or illegally; as long as it proceeds or has an ulterior motive or results in money or goods being taken from an organization or individual by a third party who is not entitled to them.

Types of corruption

Corruption is the abuse of power, position, or resources to gain an unjust or illegal advantage for oneself or someone else.

Corruption can take many forms. It can be thoughts of greed; it can be taking bribes; it can be a misappropriation of public funds; it can be nepotism, and it can even be lying about the true nature of the product.

The most common type of corruption is bribery, which is when someone offers another person money or goods in order to get them to do something that benefits them.

Fraud is another form of corruption. It is a corrupt act that includes an attempt to gain an advantage or personal benefit by deception. This is also known as “unlawful gain”.

The causes of corruption

The most obvious way that corruption is detrimental to society is through theft, extortion, and bribery. Every society has some form of crime, but with corruption, the problem is magnified.

Because of its effects on individuals and society, corruption has evolved as human nature. It is considered to be a trait that occurs in both humans and animals. Corruption is evident throughout society because it is practiced by everyone from the local merchant to the political leader.

However, the most harmful form of corruption is in the sphere of political power. This stems from the fact that corruption can occur in various walks of life, from individuals to corporations. Even the institution of government allows for some level of corruption, but it is not one that is common in government.

The effects of corruption

Corruption is one of the most common problems in the world. It is a major barrier to development, democracy, and human rights. It fuels crime, reduces economic growth, and destroys public trust in political institutions. It prevents investment, produces poverty, and undermines basic government functions.

Corruption distorts the allocation of resources, undermines the rule of law, diminishes civic participation, erodes the quality of public services, and erodes faith in public institutions.

Corrupt practices can take place within any number of activities. For example, tax evasion and tax avoidance. A significant portion of tax revenues is lost to tax avoidance and tax evasion in many countries. Intentional tax avoidance is the concealment of income or expenses that would be reported in tax returns.

An example is the double-dealing that often goes on in the real estate market. The rules that should be enforced against this type of activity are not properly enforced.

Corruption has dire consequences for the economy

Corruption hurts economic growth in several ways. First, it diverts resources from the poor to the rich and exacerbates inequality.

Think of bribery to get a construction permit. All the poor need is a building permit to start a business, but they’re more likely to pay off the person who owns the building permit and he’ll be even more likely to give the permit to a business they can’t afford to compete with.

Corruption also restricts free competition because businesses are reluctant to outbid each other when their goal is to keep as much of the market share as possible. As a result, corruption creates a winner-takes-all environment in which a handful of businesses are able to reap the rewards.

Ways to combat corruption

There are numerous ways to combat corruption. At the national level, these are implemented by government organizations.

At the local level, they are implemented by those who maintain public service in government departments or agencies.

Governments can reduce the size of the government and put more resources into programs that benefit the people. They can also increase the salaries of government employees and employees of government-funded agencies. These increases in spending will create incentives for government employees to do their jobs well.

Another way is to encourage transparency in all public institutions by displaying all their financial and non-financial data on public websites.


Corruption is an undeniable part of today’s culture. It can be seen every day, in many different forms. However, no matter how big or small a contribution it may be, it’s always going to be a problem.

It can do irreparable damage to the fabric of society. This is because it takes away power from those who have earned it, and places it into the hands of those who have not.

Corruption is something that can be learned. That’s why the people who dedicate themselves to improving it in their communities are always in demand.

Corruption has been around since the beginning of time. And unfortunately, corruption will continue to exist until people are more conscious about what they’re doing and how they’re living their lives.

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Essay on Corruption with outlines

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