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Adverbs Starting with T (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with T and their example sentences.


Adverbs Starting with TExample Sentences
teasingly The design is teasingly complex.
tearfully He made some tearfully pathetic excuses that they could not believe.
tattily Tattily wrapped presents were placed at the table.
tastefully I used to think that the police’s use of tasers was tastefully performed in an emergency.
technologicallyWhile the concept is undoubtedly technologically fantastic, it is probably too sophisticated for its good.
taxonomically The taxonomically arranged flowers blur the lines between each species.
Anthropologists classify societies taxonomically.
This article will argue that the administration’s plan is economically and taxonomically misguided.
The display is set up taxonomically, following botanical categories for the show’s entries.
Taxonomically arranged papers sat as a passive backdrop on his desk.
temporally She temporally moved in with her father to help look after him.
The color of the pants is temporally unavailable.
temporarily She was elected for two years and temporarily suspended her career.
The secretary is doing the work temporarily.
She was temporarily distracted by an incident during class.
tenselyHe seemed nervous and tensely watched the door to see if anyone was around.
Marilyn Manson’s fans freaked out significantly, and they tilted their heads back and forth tensely.
tediously It’s a tediously circular explanation of a pretty simple concept.
The students were not allowed to speak tediously in class.
No one will want to hear you tediously talk about how much money we’re going to make by targeting that market?
technicallyAt that point, we considered him a technically literate user of the system.
You technically aren’t telling anyone anything they don’t already know.
tenderlyThey shook hands tenderly.
The nurses carried the baby tenderly.
tactually tactually revolutionary design will change how we look at this product.
He presented a tactfully innovative solution for an old problem.
tastilyTastily chosen ingredients work only with tastefully arranged dishes (and therefore presented), so let the two drive your selection.
It is tastily beaded with purple silk thread to match the dress.
The cake is tastily decorated for a special occasion for someone important to me.
Tastily designed promotional gifts are crucial to brand awareness.
Tamely Tamely ignoring people’s remarks about her tattoos, she said she liked them.
Tamely allowing herself to be carried away by the crowd’s hysteria.
tactlessly The boss tactlessly dismissed them.
tastelessly Some tomatoes are tastelessly eaten as a side for barbecued meat, but others are turned into delicious salsas and chutneys.
tactfullyI thought she’d only get the job if she behaved very tactfully.
Adverbs Starting with T

List (130 Words)

  1. Tacitly      
  2. Taciturnly
  3. Tactfully  
  4. Tactlessly
  5. Tactually
  6. Talkatively
  7. Tamely
  8. Tangentially
  9. Tangibly
  10. Tardily
  11. Tartly       
  12. Tastefully
  13. Tastelessly
  14. Tastily
  15. Tattily
  16. Tauntingly
  17. Tautly
  18. Tawdrily
  19. Taxonomically
  20. Tearfully
  21. Teasingly
  22. Technically
  23. Technologically
  24. Tediously
  25. Telegraphically
  26. Telepathically
  27. Telescopically
  28. Tellingly
  29. Temperately
  30. Temporally
  31. Temporarily
  32. Tenaciously
  33. Tendentiously
  34. Tenderly  
  35. Tensely
  36. Tentatively
  37. Tenthly
  38. Tenuously
  39. Tepidly
  40. Terminally
  41. Terribly
  42. Terrifically
  43. Territorially
  44. Tersely
  45. Testily
  46. Thankfully
  47. Theatrically
  48. Then
  49. Thence
  50. Theologically
  51. Theoretically
  52. Therapeutically
  53. Thermally
  54. Thermodynamically
  55. Thermostatically
  56. Thickly     
  57. Thievishly
  58. Thinly
  59. Thirdly
  60. Thirstily
  61. Thornily   
  62. Thoroughly
  63. Thoughtfully
  64. Thoughtlessly
  65. Threateningly
  66. Thriftily
  67. Thriftlessly
  68. Thrillingly
  69. Throatily  
  70. Thusly
  71. Tidily
  72. Tightly
  73. Timely
  74. Timidly
  75. Timorously
  76. Tiredly
  77. Tirelessly
  78. Tiresomely
  79. Tolerably
  80. Tolerantly
  81. Tonally
  82. Tonelessly
  83. Too
  84. Topically
  85. Topographically
  86. Topologically
  87. Torpidly
  88. Tortuously
  89. Totally
  90. Touchily
  91. Touchingly
  92. Toughly
  93. Traditionally
  94. Tragically
  95. Traitorously
  96. Tranquilly
  97. Transcendentally
  98. Transiently
  99. Transitionally
  100. Transitively
  101. Transitorily
  102. Transparently
  103. Transversally
  104. Transversely
  105. Treacherously
  106. Treasonably
  107. Tremendously
  108. Tremulously
  109. Trenchantly
  110. Trickily
  111. Trimly
  112. Trippingly
  113. Tritely
  114. Triumphantly
  115. Trivially
  116. Tropically
  117. Truculently
  118. Truly
  119. Trustfully
  120. Trustingly
  121. Truthfully
  122. Tumultuously
  123. Tunefully
  124. Tunelessly
  125. Turbulently
  126. Turgidly
  127. Tutorially
  128. Twice
  129. Typically
  130. Typographically
adverbs starting with TPin
adverbs starting with T

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