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Adverbs Starting with G (List & 20 Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with G and example sentences.


Adverbs Starting with GExample Sentences
gracefully This building was constructed gracefully and structurally sound without cutting down large trees.
globallyMr. Louis Vernon took over his father’s business in a graceful manner by expanding it globally.
generously We generously acknowledge your assistance in the preparation of this report.
gravelyIf a doctor suspects you have a spinal injury, he will examine you gravely.
Earlier, you gently told him to set a meeting at 10 AM tomorrow; therefore, he will come.
Gentrification has dramatically improved the inner city, providing more affordable housing and services for all residents generously and gently.
gorgeously The room was gorgeously decorated for the wedding.
grimly My pet looks grimly at me in the morning.
He grimly held onto the branch as the tree swayed in the wind.
glumlyTom shared his travel plan glumly.
gleefully He gleefully explained why he had no intention of quitting his new job.
Anna went to the museum gleefully.
good I felt good about my decision not to continue with my previous career path.
grandlyHe wore a tuxedo grandly.
Grandly point out interesting facts about this historical monument to the visiting guests.
He grandly handed her the hat.
gratefullyHe gratefully accepted his award for his efforts in helping others.
gratinglyShe offered to buy lunch for us gratingly.
gratuitously They have asked me repeatedly to do something gratuitously, and I have complied every time without complaint.
She gratuitously remarked that she thought his work seemed antiquated.
graphically A designer can show every piece of clothing or accessory on a model, making her look like she stepped out of a magazine; it is considered graphically pleasing by the new customer base.
grossly They were grossly understaffed, and we still managed to ship out 80 boxes from the warehouse that day.
greenly This soap is greenly scented, so you know it is natural.
He tried to step forward, but the pain was greenly acute, and he had to sit down.
grievously The shrill voice of the old man was grievously out of place in such a quiet atmosphere.
greyly It was a greyly overcast day when Mom and I left to visit Grandma.
The man was greyly angry and stood there quietly, making people wonder what he was up to.
groggily We groggily stumbled into the restaurant and collapsed into a table.
Adverbs Starting with G


  1. Gainfully
  2. Gallantly  
  3. Gamely
  4. Garrulously
  5. Gaspingly      
  6. Gaudily
  7. Genealogically
  8. Generally
  9. Generously
  10. Generously
  11. Genially
  12. Gently
  13. Geographically
  14. Geometrically
  15. Gibingly
  16. Gingerly
  17. Girlishly
  18. Glacially
  19. Gladly
  20. Glamorously 
  21. Gleefully
  22. Glissando
  23. Globally
  24. Gloriously
  25. Gloweringly
  26. Glumly
  27. Goddam
  28. Good
  29. Goofily
  30. Gorgeously
  31. Gracefully
  32. Graciously
  33. Gradually
  34. Gradually
  35. Grammatically
  36. Grandiosely
  37. Grandly
  38. Graphically
  39. Gratefully
  40. Gratingly
  41. Gratuitously
  42. Gravely
  43. Grayly
  44. Greasily
  45. Greasily
  46. Great
  47. Greatly
  48. Greedily
  49. Greenly
  50. Greyly
  51. Grievously
  52. Grimly
  53. Gropingly
  54. Grossly
  55. Grubbily
  56. Grudgingly
  57. Gruesomely
  58. Gruffly
  59. Grungily
  60. Guardedly
  61. Guiltily
  62. Gushingly
  63. Gutturally

adverbs starting with gPin
adverbs starting with g

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