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Adverbs Starting with H (List & 20 Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with H and example sentences


Adverbs Starting with HExample Sentences
haphazardlyAlthough your staff half-complied with the instructions, they did so haphazardly.
halfThe concert, half sold out, was called off because the other half of the crowd had not yet arrived.
halt A temporary halt in funding has hindered our progress.
HapticallyHaptically, this new reform feels solid and well made.
HardlyHardly anyone showed up to the party.
HarmlesslyThese people have been living here harmlessly for centuries.
hazily I remember that we went hazily to the grocery yesterday.
heartlessly They were heartlessly cut at the job interview today.
hastilyMany people eat hastily, causing them to catch their food incorrectly.
healthily Arthur ate healthily for dinner, much to his mum’s delight.
heartedly She is heartedly sorry for your loss, lady.
He heartedly agrees with you!
Hectically Hectically going about the hustle and bustle of his morning routine, John slowed down a bit and took some time to relax.
HeedlesslyHeedlessly, she swerved around the corner, barely missing a parked car.
Heedlessly launching into a whole year of debate, John made two significant points.
HeinouslyHeinously ambushing the shop owner, John’s plans were foiled by the security guard.
Hereof Hereof we do not include in this purchase the items listed below.
heretofore You are heretofore authorized to proceed with the following: instructions and directions.
habitually My father, a retired merchant marine, habitually wore a pea coat.
Habitually, the forum board changes the steps and processes at the bequest of internet users.
She habitually walks from home to work every day because it is cheaper to ride public transportation, and she likes the exercise.

List (76 Words)

  1. Habitually     
  2. Half
  3. Haltingly
  4. Handily
  5. Handsomely
  6. Haphazardly
  7. Happily
  8. Haptically
  9. Hardly
  10. Harmfully
  11. Harmlessly
  12. Harmoniously
  13. Hastily
  14. Hazardously
  15. Hazily
  16. Headfirst
  17. Healthily
  18. Heartedly      
  19. Heartily
  20. Heartlessly
  21. Heatedly        
  22. Heavenly       
  23. Heavenwards
  24. Heavily          
  25. Hebdomadally
  26. Hectically
  27. Heedlessly
  28. Heftily
  29. Heinously
  30. Helpfully
  31. Helplessly
  32. Here
  33. Hereafter
  34. Hereby
  35. Hereof
  36. Hereto
  37. Herewith
  38. Hermetically
  39. Hesitantly
  40. Hideously
  41. Hierarchically
  42. High
  43. Highly
  44. Hilariously
  45. Hintingly       
  46. Histologically
  47. Historically    
  48. Hoarsely
  49. Hollowly
  50. Homogeneously
  51. Hopefully
  52. Hopelessly
  53. Horizontally
  54. Horribly
  55. Horticulturally
  56. Hospitably
  57. Hotly
  58. Hourly
  59. However
  60. Huffily
  61. Hugely
  62. Hulkingly
  63. Humanely
  64. Humanly
  65. Humbly
  66. Humorlessly
  67. Humorously
  68. Hungrily
  69. Huntedly
  70. Hurriedly
  71. Huskily
  72. Hydraulically
  73. Hygienically
  74. Hypnotically
  75. Hypothetically
  76. Hysterically

adverbs starting with HPin
adverbs starting with H

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