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Adverbs Starting with Q (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with Q and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with QExample Sentences
quaintly The style is quaintly old-fashioned.
It’s a quaintly simple way of dealing with this problem.
quixotically Quixotically, the student entered the classroom.
Before the one who called him could turn around, he had already stepped onto the ceiling with quixotically smiling.
Proust’s early fiction was quixotically idealistic.
quizzically Julia asked me quizzically what I thought of the show.
The waiter looked quizzically at the plate he had brought to me.
One of the men was quizzically looking at the other one.
queasily When we returned, I realized how queasily my parking had affected the driver.
Security is a queasily quiet topic at many workplaces.
She was queasily feigning expectance as he announced the good news.
She felt rather queasily about the whole affair.
queerlyThe executive was quickly described as queerly calm and confident for a man who had just lost his job.
He was eying her queerly.
Who would want to work somewhere so queerly depressing?
quite She wore a white dress, which looked quite lovely with her blue eyes and blonde hair.
The meeting was quite poorly organized.
quiet If you do not be quiet, I will have to ask you to leave the class!
They stayed at a quiet hotel to avoid disturbing people in the neighborhood.
Please be quiet while the speaker is talking.
quietly She spoke quietly and clearly.
quick Give the article a quick proofread to make sure the facts are correct.
The project was completed in a quick time.
quickly She quickly answered the phone.
He got dressed quickly.
questioningly Did he questioningly reply to his friend’s invitation?
The woman is walking questioningly.
questionablyThe municipality needs to abide by the laws carefully and questionably.
If the period is recorded questionably, then it is contended that there was no meeting of minds.
quarterly The quarterly reports are made available to sales persons each quarter.
It is neither quarterly nor monthly, but we will be able to deliver on time.
Well made and quarterly, it makes a great gift that you know they’ll want to keep giving.
The quarterly reports were queasily quiet about the state of the economy.
quantitatively Both parties should have an equal quantitatively percentage of seats on the board of directors.
I would quantitatively rate my chances as very good.
qualitatively Her qualitative research qualitatively supports these figures.
Improving education qualitatively through syllabus reform should be the focus of every teacher and head of the department.
Three factors will qualitatively measure the job.
Qualitatively, all students preferred the traditional teaching system and were willing to accept technology only if it added more value to their learning experience than they had previously experienced.
Adverbs Starting with Q


  1. Quaintly
  2. Qualitatively
  3. Quantitatively
  4. Quarterly
  5. Queasily
  6. Queerly
  7. Querulously
  8. Quirkily
  9. Quaveringly
  10. Quietlike
  11. Quadrennially
  12. Quaffably
  13. Queerishly
  14. Quibblingly
  15. Quakily
  16. Quinarily
  17. Quackishly
  18. Quackingly
  19. Quarrelsomely
  20. Quintically
  21. Quickeningly
  22. Quicklike
  23. Quotably
  24. Quintuply
  25. Quasilinearly
  26. Quicksome
  27. Quicksmart
  28. Quotationally
  29. Quotatively
  30. Quippingly
  31. Quadrangularly
  32. Quotidianly
  33. Quantumly
  34. Questionably
  35. Questioningly
  36. Quick
  37. Quicker 
  38. Quickly
  39. Quiet
  40. Quietly
  41. Quite
  42. Quixotically
  43. Quizzically
adverbs starting with QPin
adverbs starting with Q

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